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Egyptian Fractions

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by Nam Nguyen ‘19 Numbers and basic computation appeared in Ancient Egypt as early as 2700 BCE. But you might not know that Ancient Egyptians demanded that every fraction have 1 in the numerator. They wanted to write any rational between 0 and 1 as a sum of such “unit” fractions. Such sums are called

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Interview with Mia Smith ’16


by Nam Nguyen ’19 Smith tells Nguyen about her experience as a math major in Williams College   When did you discover your passion for mathematics? At 3 or 4 years old, I was captivated by the Traffic Jam Puzzle my parents bought for me. I sat down for hours playing the game.However, it wasn’t

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Interview with Julie Blackwood


by John Herrera ’17 How did you get interested in applying mathematics to ecology? When I was applying for college, I had to apply to a major before I went to college. I was looking through the majors, and I saw applied math, and I thought, “Not bad. Check.” Later my professor said, “Well, why don’t

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Nebraska Conference for Women

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by Sarah Fleming Over Dead Week, Nina Pande and I attended the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We had a wonderful experience, and we are grateful to the Clare Boothe Luce Program and the Math Department for providing us with the opportunity to go. Over the course of

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Interview of Leo Goldmakher on Grad Student Blog


Stephen Ai ’18 interview of Professor Goldmakher on AMS Graduate Student Blog: Goldmakher tells Ai about the importance of creativity and ownership in mathematics. How did you get interested in mathematics?  When I was in 7th grade, in Boston, I enrolled in an experimental program called The Math Circle, where students discover math on their own.

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Interview with Janice Lee ’17


by John Herrera Lee, a junior math major at Williams College, engages in problem solving activities. How did you get interested in mathematics? I took a lot of math courses growing up. There was a positive feedback loop in the classes that I have taken. Taking math courses that I enjoyed made me love math

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Interview with Bernhard Klingenberg


By Nam Nguyen ’19 Klingenberg (right) tells Nguyen about his recently published textbook, “Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data.” When did you discover your passion for mathematics? I was really bad at math in middle school. In 11th grade, all of a sudden, I understood what the textbook said. The best moment

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Interview with Alejandro Sarria


by David Ariyibi ’19 Sarria explains to Ariyibi his goal of finding a mathematical link to the physical properties of pressure in fluids. What’s your favorite part of math? I work in nonlinear partial differential equations, and the main reason I like partial differential equations is that they’re wild. There isn’t much theory for how to

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Mountain Day 2015

Mountains2015 - 4

At 5:55 am this morning Williams College President Adam Falk canceled all classes and called us into the mountains, led by Scott Lewis, Mia Smith, and our beloved choral groups.                                                  

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WIMIN Conference at Smith


Post by Sarah Fleming ’17 and Nina Pande ’17 Last Saturday, we attended WIMIN15, a conference sponsored by the Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College. We heard two invited speakers, Linda Chen of Swarthmore College and Mariel Vazquez of University of California at Davis. Chen gave the Alice Dickinson Lecture in Mathematics, “Enumerative

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