SARS at Williams – let’s hope not.


by Prof. Lauren Childs Imagine a SARS outbreak in quaint Williamstown – that’s exactly what Varun Bhadkamkar ’17, Anthony Brooks ’16, Jack Ferguson ’17, Connor Mulhall ’17, and Annie Sher ’17 did in their Math 307 final project. The SARS group built a network model of the Williams College undergraduate population, grouping individuals by dorms

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Frank Morgan Celebration at Doddceum


The last Doddceum of the Academic Year, held on May 5, 2016 was dedicated to Professor Frank Morgan, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in recognition of his indispensable service to Dodd Neighborhood. Frank Morgan worked to create more opportunities to bring faculty, staff, and students together; in doing so, he was instrumental

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Prizes at Majors’ Banquet


At a record crowd of 150 majors and faculty at the Faculty House, Prof. Morgan and others announced the following awards:   Kozelka Prize in statistics: Bryan Jones and Kelly Kung   (awarded by Prof. De Veaux, Associate Chair for Statistics) Morgan Prize in applied mathematics: Alex Meyer   (awarded by Prof. Blackwood) Wyskiel Prize

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I am Math/Stat


As officers of the AWM, we started the “I am Math/Stat” project as a visual representation of the diversity of experience of students in Math/Stat. We’ve put up posters in Bronfman, both at the top of the stairs and in the Math/Stat Bronfman Library. We hope to expand the project and add more quotes, so

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Fleming Essay on Harris Wins Award


Sarah Fleming ’17 has won Honorable Mention in the Association for Women in Mathematics Essay Contest, writing about our new Assistant Professor Pamela Harris: An Unconventional Path by Sarah Fleming ’17 For most of her life, Pam Harris had no plans to become a mathematician. Brought to the United States from Mexico at the age of eight, she

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The Banach-Mazur Game by John Damstra


This spring, I presented my senior colloquium on a topological game called the Banach-Mazur Game. This game was formulated by Stanislaw Mazur in 1935. It is the earliest example of an infinite game with perfect information. The game proceeds as follows. Continue reading. . John Damstra is a senior mathematics major at Williams College.

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Putnam 2015 Results


Williams had another strong showing in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. We had over 1.5% of campus take the exam, and our team placed in the top 50 in the nation with over 550 institutions participating. Over 4000 students took the exam nationwide and we had two students ranked in the top 500, Blake Mackall

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Interview with Eyvindur Ari Palsson

Meet & Potatoes with Eyvindur Ari Palsson

Our very own Professor Palsson was featured on the show Meet & Potatoes on WilliNet, the community television for Williamstown. During the show a number of topics were covered including several mathematical in nature. Professor Palsson gave a shout out to the weekly Math Puzzle Dinners – come try them on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 PM

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Sphere Packing in Dimensions 8 and 24


In a remarkable new paper, Maryna Viazovska has put forth a proof of a most efficient way to pack unit spheres in dimension 8. In a follow-up paper, Henry Cohn, Abhinav Kumar, Stephen D. Miller, Danylo Radchenko, and Viazovska have a similar result in dimension 24. Dimensions 8 and 24 are especially interesting and easy cases, because there are very

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Hello from Montenegro

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.21.22 AM

by Nela (Vukmirović) Milošević ’08 I am writing from my homeland Montenegro, a small country in the Balkans, and in this post I just wanted to give a perspective from someone who now lives far away from Williams. I am class of 2008, and I decided to go to Williams after attending Li Po Chun UWC

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