Miller's Class Builds Legos Destroyer in 10:21

Williams professor Steven J. Miller and his class built the Legos Star Destroyer in 10 minutes and 21 seconds. Click here for video. Coverage in Williams Record and Williams Magazine.

Legos1 Legos2

Course homepage

Video from camera 1

Video from camera 2

Williams Time-lapse video

3 thoughts on "Miller’s Class Builds Legos Destroyer in 10:21"

  1. World Record Set! Under 10 1/2 minutes! Best videos are the first videos from each camera. While we didn’t break our 10 minute goal, we broke several other targets (30 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 12:34 minutes, 11:23 minutes or the Fibonacci time, and a time that rounds to 10 and not 11, also known as 10 1/2 minutes). We learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and are looking forward to our next project! Please email if you were here and participated (and not enrolled in the class) so we can properly credit you, or if you want updates about the LEGO club we’re forming. Thanks to all for coming out and supporting us, for pitching in and helping. Special thanks to Dining Services and ECom for the festivities and funding help. Video from Channel 13 from Albany is here:

    For more information see our homepage:

  2. Addendum: We averaged a tad over 5.075 pieces per second, or about 304.54 pieces a minute! If we had averaged exactly 5 pieces a second the time would have been…. 10 minutes, 30.402 seconds! Looking at it that way, 10:30 is a pretty natural barrier, and we beat that! I feel a bit better.

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