Application Info

Application information for SMALL 2016:

June 13, 2016 – August 13, 2016

The program will run from Monday June 13 to Saturday August 13, 2016; applications are due by Thursday, February 11, 2016. At the end of this page is more information about housing, meals, travel, stipends and so on.

Please apply online at (it will be listed under Williams College as SMALL_REU); you can look at the required Application Form 2016 through the following links: 2016SMALLApplicationDoc or 2016SMALLApplicationDoc (note that these files contain all the additional information you need when you apply, so please download the Application Form and upload your completed copy). Arrange for one letter of recommendation to be uploaded (if you need to you may upload more). When you go to the site you should upload your completed Application Form under 1) Cover Letter, and your completed Statement of Interest can be appended to the the Application Form and so uploaded under 1) Cover Letter, or if you have it separate it can be uploaded under 2) Additional Information. And don’t forget to ask your professor to upload a recommendation letter. To reiterate, you only need three things: the 2016 form, a Statement of Interest (there are not prompts here, feel free to describe your background, math courses, etc.), and one letter of recommendation.

There are six projects this summer: Differential Equations (Alejandro Sarria), Ergodic Theory (Cesar Silva), Geometry (Frank Morgan), Knot Theory (Colin Adams), Mathematical Biology (Julie Blackwood), Number Theory & Harmonic Analysis (Steven Miller and Eyvi Palsson). For more information on each of these project groups, click here. For more information about the program (including stipends, travel, meals, …) see below. The form requires information about yourself, a statement of interest, and a letter of reference.  The SMALL program is open to all students who are undergraduates during summer 2016. (Funding is available for a limited number of students who are not US citizens or permanent residents.  However, Williams College cannot obtain a visa for SMALL students, and so only students with a current US visa are eligible. You are responsible for obtaining a visa — we cannot assist you with that, or provide provisional offers based on a successful visa application)

We have created a page for frequently asked questions; click here to see these and answer. If this doesn’t anwer your questions, or if you need more information, please contact the Program Director, Professor Cesar Silva (email: csilva  AT

All applications materials must be received by: February 11, 2016

More Information
The SMALL Undergraduate Research Project is a ten-week summer program (9  weeks at Williams and 1 week at home) in which undergraduates investigate open research problems in mathematics and statistics.  One of the largest programs of its kind in the country, SMALL is supported in part by a National Science Foundation grant for Research Experiences for Undergraduates and by the Bronfman Science Center of Williams College. Around 500 students have participated in the project since its inception in 1988. Students work in small groups directed by individual faculty members.  Many participants have published papers and presented talks at research conferences based on work done in SMALL.  Some have gone on to complete PhDs in Mathematics and related fields.

During off hours, students enjoy the many attractions of summer in the Berkshires:  hiking, biking, plays, concerts, etc. Weekly lunches, teas, and casual sporting events bring SMALL students together with faculty and other students spending the summer doing research at Williams College. Participating students receive a stipend of about $4000. Several board plans are available at reasonable rates, with housing included for free. There are funds to help with travel to/from SMALL, as well as to support students to go to conferences to present their work. Students are required to live on campus to participate in the SMALL program.  Having students live together on campus allows for the mathematical interaction to expand beyond the boundaries of the workday.

Research published by former SMALL groups can be found under SMALL research publications.

Questions may be directed to Professor Cesar Silva, SMALL 2016 Director, csilva AT

Download the 2016 SMALL poster (under construction)