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Postgraduate Plans of Math Majors

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Great to see so many at MathStats Alum Tea June 11 (next gathering at Joint Math Meetings January 2017 Atlanta)
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  • Math/Stat Tea at the Williams Reunion
    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will host a Math-Stats Faculty, Students, Alumni Get-Together. Say hi to the old profs, meet some new ones, see some students, and enjoy one of our famous “Teas.” The event will be at 3:30PM on Saturday, June 10, 2017 in the Bronfman Math-Stats Library (Second Floor).
  • “Dancing the Bronfman” Video
    In honor of Professor Frank Morgan’s retirement, this summer, a group of Williams students at SMALL decided to remake one of Prof. Morgan’s own popular home videos: “Dancing the Parkway.” This video, called “Dancing the Bronfman,” is a spin on the classic with incorporations of new dancers—Professors Colin Adams, Diana Davis, Leo Goldmakher, Eyvi Palsson, Mihai Stoiciu, Alejandro Sarria, and...
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