ASA Stats Education Blog Post, by Professor Heggeseth!

Check out this post by Professor Brianna Heggeseth, along with Leslie Myint and Brittney Bailey, for the for the ASA Statistics Education Section!  From Professor Heggeseth:  “The goal of the blog post is to start a nation-wide conversation among statistics educators about the best practices for creating inclusive classroom… Continue reading »

Sign up for AWM’s “major declaring lunch”!

The Williams chapter of the AWM is launching their “major declaring lunch”! They will pair up participating sophomores (or first-years) and junior/senior math majors based on your interests and requests. There is minimal commitment — just a one-time lunch where you get to learn a little bit about each other… Continue reading »

Williams College Wins the Green Chicken Competition!

The 40th Green Chicken Competition was hosted by Middlebury College on Saturday, October 28th. Led by Professors Mihai Stoiciu and Steve Miller, ten Williams College students participated and successfully defended the Green Chicken (it was our ninth consecutive victory). The top scorers in the Williams College team were: Ian Banta,… Continue reading »

Fall Math Contests: Green Chicken and Putnam!

Williams will be participating in two math competitions this fall, and we need you to help us take them on!  They are: The Green Chicken Mathematics Competition (Saturday, October 28, at Middlebury) The Putnam Mathematics Competition (Saturday, December 2, at Williams) If you’d like to participate in either… Continue reading »

The AWM student chapter at Williams

Interested in joining or learning more about the Williams student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics?  You can check out their website here, and also their departmental page here!  Click here to sign up for their listserv. Continue reading »

New Math/Stat Mentoring Program

The Math/Stat Mentoring Program pairs first-years and sophomores interested in mathematics and statistics with junior and senior mentors who will help them navigate through their academic experience in the department.  Click here for more info, and to sign up to be a mentor, or to be paired with a… Continue reading »