MathBlast draws 166 High School Students

This morning, 166 high school students from Mt. Greylock Regional High School, BArT, and Deerfield Academy experienced the joy of learning math at Williams College.   Started by Professor of Mathematics Olga R. Beaver, MathBlast is meant to expose high school students to exciting topics in math that are not… Continue reading »

Williams College High School Math Camp

Williams College will be hosting a new one week summer math camp for mathematically talented high school students. The camp is July 8-12, 2013, and applications are due by Monday May 6. Current high school students who have completed or are enrolled in Algebra 2 or its equivalent are… Continue reading »

Hudson River Abstracts Due March 4

You can sign up to give a 15-minute talk by March 4, 2013. On Saturday April 6, 2013 Williams College will be hosting the 20th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (HRUMC). One of the first conferences of its kind, HRUMC was founded by four local schools: Siena… Continue reading »

Baking Class for Winter Study

Williams College has this wonderful tradition called Winter Study.  Williams students are overloaded with courses, sports, extra-curricular commitments, and who knows what else during the fall and spring semesters.  During January, for 3 1/2 weeks, they get to relax – just a little.  There are academic courses offered… Continue reading »

Elections – can we do better?

It is highly unlikely that the Electoral College will be abolished anytime soon. A constitutional amendment requires ratification by three-fourths of all states, over half of which have single-digit numbers of electoral votes. Given that most people believe the Electoral College favors small states, these small states will… Continue reading »