Putnam 2015 Results

Williams had another strong showing in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. We had over 1.5% of campus take the exam, and our team placed in the top 50 in the nation with over 550 institutions participating. Over 4000 students took the exam nationwide and we had two students ranked… Continue reading »

Interview with Eyvindur Ari Palsson

Our very own Professor Palsson was featured on the show Meet & Potatoes on WilliNet, the community television for Williamstown. During the show a number of topics were covered including several mathematical in nature. Professor Palsson gave a shout out to the weekly Math Puzzle Dinners – come try them… Continue reading »

Lightning Talks by Thesis Students

The AMS Williams Student Chapter and SMASAB joined forces yesterday in organizing a special event called Lightning Talks by Thesis Students. This event, which was exclusively for students, gave attendees an opportunity to listen to brief thesis presentations and learn about some cool new math problems. Listen to Greg… Continue reading »

First AMS student chapter at an undergraduate institution

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is one of the largest associations of mathematicians in the world, fostering scholarship and research. They have supported student chapters at various graduate level institutions. This fall, however, the newly formed AMS Williams Student Chapter became officially recognized as the first student chapter at an… Continue reading »

Williams Defends Green Chicken 2015

The Williams team led by Granger Carty ’18, Zhiqi Li ’19, Gregory Kehne ’16 and Sam Donow ’16 defended the 2015 Green Chicken, defeating Middlebury 179-134 on their home turf. For those interested then here is the exam and solutions. Early on the Saturday morning of Halloween, 14 Williams… Continue reading »

Math Puzzles and Contests

The  purpose of this post is to talk about the weekly math puzzle night dinners run by myself and my sidekick, Professor Miller, and to invite you to join us for this and other related activities. Here’s a quick summary of problem solving activities; for more information or to be… Continue reading »

Best Jobs 2015

Mathematics and statistics are essential skills for most of the best six jobs in 2015, according to the latest rankings by CareerCast.com. Here are the top six jobs: 1. Actuary 2. Audiologist 3. Mathematician 4. Statistician 5. Biomedical Engineer 6. Data Scientist For more information see also the… Continue reading »