The Mathematics of Coral Reef Health

Assistant Professor Julie Blackwood, together with her summer research students and collaborators from Bennington College use mathematics to investigate the deterioration of coral reefs in the Cayman Islands and possible solutions to this problem, including the reintroduction of sea urchins. More information about their work can be found in the… Continue reading »

“Dancing the Bronfman” Video

In honor of Professor Frank Morgan’s retirement, this summer, a group of Williams students at SMALL decided to remake one of Prof. Morgan’s own popular home videos: “Dancing the Parkway.” This video, called “Dancing the Bronfman,” is a spin on the classic with incorporations of new dancers—Professors Colin Adams, Diana… Continue reading »

SARS at Williams – let’s hope not.

by Prof. Lauren Childs Imagine a SARS outbreak in quaint Williamstown – that’s exactly what Varun Bhadkamkar ’17, Anthony Brooks ’16, Jack Ferguson ’17, Connor Mulhall ’17, and Annie Sher ’17 did in their Math 307 final project. The SARS group built a network model of the Williams College undergraduate… Continue reading »

Frank Morgan Celebration at Doddceum

The last Doddceum of the Academic Year, held on May 5, 2016 was dedicated to Professor Frank Morgan, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in recognition of his indispensable service to Dodd Neighborhood. Frank Morgan worked to create more opportunities to bring faculty, staff, and students together; in… Continue reading »

Joint Mathematics Meetings 2016

The 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings, the largest mathematics meeting in the world, took place on January 6-9, 2016 in Seattle, WA. Prof. Satyan Devadoss received the Haimo national teaching award. Sarah Tammen of our 2014 SMALL undergraduate research Geometry Group was named Schafer Prize runner-up. Outstanding poster recognition went to Nina… Continue reading »

Rubik’s Cube Turns 30

One of the greatest toys ever invented, the Rubik’s Cube celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2010. With more than 300 million cubes sold worldwide, it is still one of the most popular puzzles in the world. The Hungarian professor and architect Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the cube,… Continue reading »

Cildo Meireles and the Poisson-Clock transition

Cildo Meireles is a well-known Brazilian artist, associated with the art movement “Neo-concrete art”. He was recently given a full retrospective by the Tate Modern Museum in London, which I had the opportunity to see in December 2008. Meireles’ intriguing and aesthetically seductive installations… Continue reading »

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