Articles by Satyan Devadoss

Geometry in Banff

I have been spending my sabbatical this year at MSRI and the University of California, Berkeley.  I cannot complain about the great interaction with faculty from all over the world, and the wonderful “sunny and 65” days in the Bay area.  So why did I spend last week at the Banff National Park in Canada,

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Art – Sol LeWitt – Math

This past week marks the rising of the Sol LeWitt sun in my part of the world.  At the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), a beautiful new exhibition on The ABCDs of Sol LeWitt has just opened, exploring the underlying grammar of his art and ideas.  Moreover, a major collaboration opened at the Massachusetts

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A new experiment in a new era.

A great strength of the Mathematics and Statistics department here at Williams is the removal of classical boundaries. The two towers of research and teaching are not separated into distinct domains but integrated in one structure. Our conversations in the hallways, during our lunch hour, or over coffee range from discussing current research trends, to

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