First Williams-Exeter Undergraduate Math Conference

Jesse Freeman ’15: An Update from Oxford One of the things I’ve missed most about the US and about Williams especially is the involvement that undergraduates have with the broader math community. Giving a senior colloquium, doing original research, or presenting at a conference are all essentially unheard of at… Continue reading »

Jesse Freeman ’15 on Oxford II

Math at Oxford II: Reflections After the First Term Hey Williams! Congratulations on finishing up finals. I hope everyone has an amazing break. In this post, I'll focus on what I have learned about the math(s) curriculum at Oxford since the beginning of term. Then, I will discuss sports at Oxford in comparison to sports at Williams and conclude by sharing a few more pieces UK slang. Continue reading »

Colloquium and Community

This entry is written by Nico Aiello ’09 on behalf of SMASAB 2009. At Williams, every senior math/stats major has to give a colloquium talk. If you had asked me on the morning of my colloquium how I felt about the colloquium requirement, it’s… Continue reading »