Baking Class for Winter Study

Williams College has this wonderful tradition called Winter Study.  Williams students are overloaded with courses, sports, extra-curricular commitments, and who knows what else during the fall and spring semesters.  During January, for 3 1/2 weeks, they get to relax – just a little.  There are academic courses offered for those who are so inclined, but a majority of students participate in the type of course that would not be offered as a regular college offering.  In the past I’ve taught a course called Pilates:  Fitness, Physiology, and Philosophy.  Other courses offered include AtheismWine Tasting,Contemporary Movie CriticismMathematics of the Rubik’s CubeThe Philosophy of Chess, and so many more!  I am absolutely thrilled this year to be teaching a course called The Art & Science of Baking.

The dining services staff have been absolutely wonderful, and we’ve been allowed to use the College Bakeshop.  We’re meeting for 36 hours (in 3 hour increments, though they often stretch longer) over the course of the month, baking up all sorts of yummy concoctions. Continue reading.