2012 Putnam

2012 Putnam Williams had another strong finish in the Putnam. We had over 1% of the campus take the exam, and our team of Carlos Dominguez, Jared Hallett and Wei Sun finished 19th in the nation. Solutions to the problems are available here: (for those interested in math puzzles… Continue reading »

NPR Math Puzzle Solution

March 3, 2013, the NPR Sunday Puzzle was math: “Eight people are seated at a circular table. Each person gets up and sits down again — either in the same chair or in the chair immediately to the left or right of the one they were in. How many… Continue reading »

Williams Wins Chicken

In a hard-fought match, Williams defeated Middlebury in the annual Green Chicken mathematics competition, winning 125 to 118, thanks to a large degree to a deep bench with first years who stepped up when needed. Top scorer was Jared Hallett ’13, followed by Samantha Petti ’15 and then first years… Continue reading »

Williams Wins Regional Math Competition

The Williams College team, consisting of Weng-Him Cheung ’15, Benjamin Demeo ’15, and Liyang Zhang ’12, won the Regional Undergraduate Mathematics competition at Central Connecticut State University Saturday, April 28, 2012. Liyang got high score and won first prize in the competition. Congratulations to the team and Coach Stoiciu. Last year… Continue reading »

Williams Team in Top Ten on Putnam Exam

The Williams team has placed in the top ten and received an Honorable Mention out of 460 teams from 572 participating colleges and universities in the December 2011 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. Congratulations to our team members Carlos Dominguez, Jared Hallett, and Liyang Zhang and to coach Professor… Continue reading »

The Conundrum Returns!

Gabor Gurbacs has taken on the awesome responsibility of Conumdrum Master. The new November Conundrum can be found here:  … Continue reading »

Green Chicken Squeaker

The Williams team brought home the Green Chicken Saturday October 29, 2011, after a narrow victory over Middlebury 162-160. Congratulations to top scorers Carlos Dominguez, Jared Hallett, and Liyang Zhang; teammates Craig Corsi, Benjamin Demeo, Donny Huang, Stephanie Jensen, Philip Tosteson, Roshan Sharma, Avishek Shrestha, and Kaijie Zheng; coach Prof. Continue reading »

Sunday Puzzle Easy for Us

If everyone submits, maybe one of us will win the NPR Sunday Puzzle: This Week’s Challenge from the Grabarchuk family: Take 15 coins. Arrange them in an equilateral triangle with one coin at the top, two coins touching below, three coins below that, then four, then five. Remove the three… Continue reading »