Math/Stat Game Night

Come to Math/Stat game night! SMASAB is hosting virtual game nights for the department every Saturday evening at 6:00 PM EST. Games will be well-equipped to handle large or small groups and will be a good way to get to know other folks interested in math and stats! Links for… Continue reading »

Math/Stat Virtual Get-Together

The newly elected SMASAB (Student Math and Statistics Advisory Board) and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics would like to invite all the Mathematics and Statistics Majors to a Virtual Get-Together on Zoom at 12pm (Noon) ET on Saturday, October 10th. Please find below the Zoom link:… Continue reading »

AWM Storytime Friday, September 18

Join the Association for Women in Mathematics for Mathematical Storytime on Friday, September 18, 6:00 PM EDT! Juniors and seniors will share stories about what they wish they knew before taking particular classes and about their experiences as folks from underrepresented groups in mathematics. Insights from first- and… Continue reading »

OURSTEM+ Event on September 22

OURSTEM+ is a student organization on campus dedicated to supporting underrepresented minorities in STEM+ fields. They are hosting their annual event, I Know What You Did Last Summer, on September 22 at 6PM ET. Current Williams students will share what they did this past summer in hopes of guiding Williams… Continue reading »


OURMATH is a student organization aimed at creating community for students from underrepresented groups in the Math/Stats department at Williams. OURMATH will have its first panel on September 11, at 1:30pm EST. The panelists will be speaking on what it is like to be from an underrepresented group and study… Continue reading »