Dada Math

Math departments are full of smart people.  But with the demands (and joys) of research and teaching (and of our personal lives), most people in math departments do not talk to each other about math nearly enough.  Certainly that is true at Williams.  We do have a fairly… Continue reading »

Guesstimation and Benford’s Law

Nice senior colloquium presentation today (9/22/08) by Richard McDowell ’09 on Benford’s Law. This law explains why, when looking at numbers that come to us from newspapers, stock quotes, and various data sources, the digit 1 appears most often as the leading digit. Benford’s Law derives from… Continue reading »

A new experiment in a new era.

A great strength of the Mathematics and Statistics department here at Williams is the removal of classical boundaries. The two towers of research and teaching are not separated into distinct domains but integrated in one structure. Our conversations in the hallways, during our lunch… Continue reading »