Colin Adams, Williams College

  •  “Hyperbolic Knots and Links”

Ian Adelstein, Trinity College

  •  “Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?”

Iddo Ben-Ari, University of Connecticut

  •  “The Bak-Sneppen Model of Biological Evolution and Related Models”

Julie Blackwood, Williams College

  • “From Rabies Transmission in Vampire Bats to Coral Reef Conservation:  Insights from Mathematical Models”

Erika Camacho, Arizona State University

  • “The Role of RdCVF in the Health of Cone Photoreceptors”

Cory Colbert

  • “Results Concerning the Spectrum of Noetherian Rings”

Diana Davis, Williams College

  • “Lines on Polygon Surfaces”
  • “Periodic Paths on the Pentagon”

Richard De Veaux, Williams College

  • “What is a P-value Anyway?”

Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Swarthmore College

  • “A Proof of the Peak Polynomial Positivity Conjecture”
  • “Coxeter Groups, Root Systems, and Hecke Algebras”

Courtney Gibbons, Hamilton College

  • “Representations of the Kronecker Quiver”
  • “Free Resolutions”

Leo Goldmakher, Williams College

  • “Refinements of Lagrange’s Four-Squares Theorem”

Pamela Harris, Williams College

  • “Kostant’s Partition Function”

Chad Higdon-Topaz, Macalester College

  • “Collective Behavior, Models, and the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics”

Trachette Jackson, University of Michigan

  • “Mathematical Biology:  An Essential Part of 21st Century Science”

Stewart Johnson, Williams College

  • “Chaos and Emergent Structures in High Dimensional Dynamics”

Matkos Katsoulakis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  • “Can We Make Mathematical Models More Predictive?”

Bernhard Klingenberg, Williams College

  • “Modeling Longitudinal Binary Data”

Haydee Lindo, Williams College

  • “Trace Ideals and Endomorphism Rings”

Susan Loepp, Williams College

  • “Rings with Strange Properties”

Steven Miller, Williams College

  • “Problems in Number Theory”
  • “From the Manhattan Project to Elliptic Curves: Introduction to Random Matrix Theory”
  • “Secrets of the Tax System with Steve Miller: Keep More of your MOOLA”
  • “Pythagoras at the Bat: An Introduction to Statistics and Modeling”

Stephen Moseley ’05 & Charlie Upton ‘08, AthenaHealth

  • “Using Data to Unbreak Healthcare”

Frank Morgan, Williams College

  • “Soap Bubbles in Spaces with Density”

Ralph Morrison, Williams College

  • “The Moduli Space of Tropical Plane Curves”

Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan 

  • “How Small Data Can Leverage Big Data”

Allison Pacelli, Williams College

  • “The Beauty of Numbers, Part I”
  • “The Beauty of Numbers, Part II”

Alicia Prieto Langarica, Youngstown State University      

  • “A Mathematical Model of the Effects of Temperature on Human Sleep Patterns”

Alejandro Sarria, Williams College

  • “Suppression of Singularities in Fluids”
  • “On a Proposed Higher-Dimensional Analogue of the Camassa-Holm Equation”

Cesar Silva, Williams College

  • “What is an Ergodic Transformation?”
  • “Conditions Implied by Ergodicity of Cartesian Products”

Gabriel Sosa, Amherst College

  • “Monomial Orders Uniquely Determined by Their Induced Orders”

Mihai Stoiciu, Williams College

  • “Random Matrices with Poisson Eigenvalue Statistics”

Peyam Tabrizian, Williams College

  • “Chemical Reactions and Diffusions”

Naomi Tanabe, Dartmouth College

  • “Central Values of L-Functions”

Scott Taylor, Colby College

  • “The Bridge Distance of a Knot”

Jesse Thorner, Stanford University

  • “An Explicit Bound for the Least Prime Ideal in the Chebotarev Density Theorem”

Laurie Tupper, Williams College

  • “Classification of Multivariate Time Series Data with Applications to ECIS”

Maria Vega, United States Military Academy

  • “Hopf Algebras and Twisted Extensions”