Colin Adams, Williams College

  • “The Hyperbolic Volume of Your Bathroom Tiling”
  • “Hyperbolic Knots and You”

Henry Adams, Colorado State University

  • “Evasion Paths in Mobile Sensor Networks”

Federico Ardila, San Francisco State University

  • “Using Geometry and Combinatorics to Move Robots Quickly”

Brittney Bailey, Ohio State University

  • “Missing Data in Cluster-Randomized Trials”

Andrew Bernoff, Harvey Mudd College

  • “Energy Driven Pattern Formation in Thin Fluid Layers: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful”

Julie Blackwood, Williams College

  • “Spatial Synchrony of Periodical Cicadas in the Eastern United States”

James Booth, Cornell University

  • “Generalized Regression Estimation via the Bootstrap”

Andrew Bydlon, Williams College

  • “Restriction of Test Ideals to Hypersurfaces”

Xizhen Cai, Temple University

  • “Variable Selection for the Proportional Odds Model”

Crain Crainiceanu, Johns Hopkins University

  • “Biostatistical Methods for Wearable and Implantable Technology”

David Damanik, Rice University    

  • “Products of Random Matrices, Large Deviations, and Applications”

Thomas Garrity, Williams College

  • “On Some Wonders of Factoring and Its Many Choices”

Thomas Halvorson, Macalester College

  • “Signals on the Permutohedron”

Pamela Harris, Williams College

  • “Lattice Point Visibility of Generalized Lines of Sight”

Brianna Heggeseth, Williams College

  • “Many Data Views”

Sarah Iams, Harvard University

  • “Vegetarian Patterns in Earth’s Drylands”

David Jensen, University of Kentucky

  • “Chip Firing and Random Graphs”

Thomas Kindred, University of Iowa

  • “Checkerboard Plumbings”

Haydee Lindo, Williams College

  • “Counting Klein Bottles”

Susan Loepp, Williams College

  • “Chain Conditions on Noetherian Rings”
  • “Chain Conditions on Noetherian Integral Domains and Noetherian Unique Factorization Domains”

Steven Miller, Williams College

  •  “Problems in Number Theory and Probability”

Ralph Morrison, Williams College

  • “Tropical Hyperelliptic Curves in the Plane”

Robert Lemke Oliver, Tufts University

  • “Prime Numbers, Randomness, and the Gambler’s Fallacy”

Mohamed Omar, Harvey Mudd College

  • “Convex Incidences Via Algebra”

Anna Plantinga, University of Washington

  • “High-Dimensional Regression Methods for Microbiome Association Analysis”

Alex Reinhart, Carnegie Mellon University

  • “A Spatio-Temporal Statistical Model of Crime Hotspots”

Cesar Silva, Williams College

  • “On the Moebius Random Law and Infinite Rank-One Maps”

Gwen Spencer, Smith College

  • “Influence Maximization in Networks: Spread Models and Optimization Methods”

Chad Topaz, Williams College

  • “Gender Representation in Mathematics Through a Data Science Lens”

Laurie Tupper, Williams College

  • “The When and Where of Wind: Spatial Time Series Classification”

Stefanie Wang, Trinity College

  • “An Introduction to Quasigroups and Peri-Catalan Numbers”