Frank Morgan Celebration at Doddceum

The last Doddceum of the Academic Year, held on May 5, 2016 was dedicated to Professor Frank Morgan, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in recognition of his indispensable service to Dodd Neighborhood. Frank Morgan worked to create more opportunities to bring faculty, staff, and students together; in doing so, he was instrumental in the creation of the monthly Doddceum dinners.

The Doddceum celebration for Frank Morgan included live music by Scott Daniel ’17 and Jack Hood ’18, a six-foot life-size cutout of the guest of honor, a slide show with pictures of Frank Morgan and Dodd Neighborhood in action, a throwback to the viral “Dancing the Parkway” video, a speech by Karen Huan ’16, Dodd Neighborhood director and proud Mathematics major, lots of great food and delectable desserts.

As per Doddceum tradition, we closed with haikus:

The last Doddceum
Frank Morgan on his way out?
Oh boy, what is life?

-Naomi Francois ’17

We’ll miss a loved man
One so dear and integral,
One who leaves a rift.

Gentle, masterful
Lord of the pretty bubbles,
Floats away as one.

-Ali Tafreshi ’15


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