I am Math/Stat

IMG_3095As officers of the AWM, we started the “I am Math/Stat” project as a visual representation of the diversity of experience of students in Math/Stat. We’ve put up posters in Bronfman, both at the top of the stairs and in the Math/Stat Bronfman Library. We hope to expand the project and add more quotes, so if you are interested in contributing, email kbb2 for a link to the anonymous form. Here are some options, but feel free to share any experiences you’ve had with Math/Stat at Williams:

Your favorite math problem/phenomenon/pretty graph or knot.

A great joke about math.

The longest amount of time you’ve ever spent on a problem set.

The time you were closest to quitting, and how you kept going.

Why math?

Nina Pande ’17, Katie Bennet ’16, and Sarah Fleming ’17 are math majors and officers of the Williams Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics