Information for Math/Stat majors

The Math/Stat professors will be happy to meet with you and advise you on your major declaration form and on your progress through the major. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Math/Stat professors who are not on leave during the Academic Year 2020-2021 (please find their email addresses on the Math/Stat webpage):


Julie Blackwood

Josh Carlson

Leo Goldmakher

Pamela Harris

Stewart Johnson

Susan Loepp

Steven Miller

Ralph Morrison

Allison Pacelli

Lori Pedersen

Mihai Stoiciu

Chad Topaz

John Wiltshire-Gordon



Xizhen Cai

Richard De Veaux

Bernhard Klingenberg

Shaoyang Ning

Anna Plantinga

Elizabeth Upton

Laurie Tupper

Daniel Turek


We will also organize Advising Sessions “Virtual Gelato Socials” during the period August 3-13.