Joint Mathematics Meetings 2016

The 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings, the largest mathematics meeting in the world, took place on January 6-9, 2016 in Seattle, WA. Prof. Satyan Devadoss received the Haimo national teaching award. Sarah Tammen of our 2014 SMALL undergraduate research Geometry Group was named Schafer Prize runner-up. Outstanding poster recognition went to Nina Pande, Sarah Fleming, Lena Ji, and David Schwein; and Hong Suh and Megumi Asada. See photos and other events with Williams folks below.

Friends of Williams gathered 5-6 pm January 8, followed by humorous math theater by Prof. Colin Adams and the Mobusibandaid players, now available on YouTube.

IMG_1211 20160109_135304

Sea - 1Sea - 2

The meeting featured the AMS Colloquium Lectures by the Fields Medalist W. Timothy Gowers, as well as AMS Invited Addresses by Marta Lewicka, Steve Zelditch, Alex Eskin, and Panagiota Daskalopoulos, MAA Invited Addresses by T. Christine Stevens, Katherine D. Crowley, Steven Brams, Alan Schoenfeld, and Charles R. Hadlock, and many other exciting talks.


Wednesday January 6, 2016

2:15 pm Etudes of Questions: A New Approach for Writing Mathematics Thomas Garrity
9:30 pm AWM Reception (Sarah Tammen as Schafer prize runner-up at 10)
Thursday January 7, 2016
8:45 am The Fibonacci Quilt Sequence: A Generalization of Zeckendorf Decompositions with Non-Uniqueness. Dawn C. Nelson*M. CatralP. FordP. HarrisS. J. Miller
4:25 pm Prize Session (Devadoss gets Haimo award)

Friday January 8, 2016
9 am Poset Associahedra. Satyan L Devadoss
9:30 am Dimensions of Formal Fiber Rings. Sarah Fleming,Lena Ji,Susan Loepp*Peter McDonaldNina PandeDavid Schwein
3:30 pm Becoming Blue Collar. Satyan L Devadoss
4:30 pm Poster Session
5 pm Friends of Williams gathering, Sheraton Lobby
6 pm Humorous Math Theater Colin Adams et al.
Saturday January 9, 2016
10:30 am Rings, Completions, and Strange Formal Fibers. Sarah Fleming,Lena Ji,Susan LoeppPeter McDonaldNina Pande*David Schwein
11:00 am No-slip Billiards in Dimension Two. Chris Cox*, Renato Feres
1:30 pm Centers of endomorphism rings of modules. Haydee M Lindo

2:30 pm A space of phylogenetic networks. Satyan L Devadoss*Samantha Petti
3:30 pm Peak Sets of Classical Coxeter Groups. Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Pamela Estephania Harris*, Erik Insko, Darleen Perez-Lavin
5:45 pm The Convex Body Isoperimetric Conjecture. Matthew J Dannenberg*John BerryJason LiangYingyi Zeng