Postgraduate Plans of Math/Stats Majors

Isabel Albores
Pursuing a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering (focus on atmospheric chemistry)
Jannat Arora Unknown
Isabel Arvelo Unknown
Lillian Bates Unknown
Malcolm Bellairs Unknown
Therese Belnap Investment Banking Analyst at Citi Bank in New York City
Alexandra Bonat Unknown
Levi Borevitz Pursuing a Ph.D. in Math at Northwestern University
Isabel Bushway Teaching high school and attending graduate school through Notre Dame’s ACE program
Claudia Cantin Working in Private Wealth Management
Alex Cardonick Unknown
Mac Carso Unknown
Nico Cavalluzzi Investment Banking in New York City
Maria Chapman Working at PIMCO, an investment management firm
Emily Cohen Working in software development
Theodore Cohen Unknown
Tommy Coyne Unknown
Maria Crestanello Unknown
Snehadri Das Unknown
Michael DeGasperis Unknown
Zach Dekko Working for the consulting firm, EY-Parthenon in Boston, MA
Ashraf Dhahbi Unknown
Aidan Duncan Unknown
Jackson Ehrenworth Cybersecurity Engineer for TikTok
Hazel Ethier Working as a Research Analyst doing Economic Consulting at the Brattle Group
Lemmy Evans Unknown
Sophie Goldstein Unknown
Keith Grossman Unknown
Gracie Guidotti Unknown
Sean Hogan Unknown
Nolan Holley Unknown
Nathan Hu Quantitative Developer at Arrowstreet Capital in Boston, MA
Sameer Jain Unknown
William Jeffries Unknown
Vincent Jiang Unknown
Leyla Kamshad Unknown
Sameer Khan Unknown
Samantha Kilcoyne Work in finance
Nicholas Langel Unknown
Daniel Lee Unknown
Elias Lindgreen Pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Emily Lindheim-Marx Unknown
Samuel Liu Unknown
Annie Lu Unknown
Maddy Mandyck Unknown
Petros Markopoulos Working at Asana at their San Francisco office as a Software Engineer
William McCormick Unknown
Muhammad Mojarradi Unknown
Jack Murphy Entering the seminary this fall to begin training for the Catholic priesthood
Sharon Mutoni Unknown
Trang Ngo Unknown
Rachel Nguyen Unknown
Madeline Ohl Pursuing a MPhil in Biological Sciences at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK as a Herchel Smith fellow
Henry Osborn Unknown
Elizabeth Ostermeyer Working as a Project Engineer through the Career Start program for the general contractor based in Boston called Suffolk Construction
Brandon Paguada Unknown
Matthew Phang Working in Boston, MA for Cambridge Associates
Franklin Reilly Unknown
Jianing Ren Unknown
Caroline Ro Working as an Analyst at Cornerstone Research in Boston, MA
Jonathan Rogers Unknown
Zachary Romrell Unknown
Elise Root Research Associate in the Reilly Lab at Yale
Kevin Ryan Unknown
Alexander Shashkov Entering a math P.D. program
Ben Shapiro Pursuing a Ph.D. in Math at Dartmouth College
Sarah Shi Working in consulting at Bain in Boston, MA
Grady Short Unknown
Nathan Song Unknown
Chenyang Sun Herchel Smith Fellow, the Part III (Master’s) in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge
Nathan Szeto Pursuing a Master’s degree in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan School of Public Health
Balint Szollosi Working for BCG in Boston, MA
Elijah Tamarchenko Unknown
Theodore Tellides Unknown
Catherine Torres Unknown
Helen van den Broek Unknown
Jules Walzer-Goldfeld
English Language Teacher through the Education Office of Spain
Matt Wisotsky Unknown
Christina Zhou Unknown