Postgraduate Plans of Math/Stats Majors





Stephen Ai Pursuing a Masters of Philosophy in Music at Cambridge University
Spencer Alpaugh Undecided
Mohibullah Amin Undecided
Nathan Andersen Quantitative Developer at Akuna Capital
Jackson Barber Undecided
Andrew Barry Undecided
John Beirne Undecided
Isaac Benioff Undecided
Marit Bjornlund Working at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) as a Program Associate for Asia-Pacific
Cody Cao Master’s program at Columbia University in Financial Engineering
Jacques Chaumont Undecided
Frankie Chen Undecided
Jack Cloud Working for the data science company named Annalect, under the company, Omnicom
Trevin Corsiglia Undecided
Kevin Deptula Analyst at Cornerstone Research in New York City
Benjamin Drews Undecided
Christopher D’Silva Undecided
Agastya Easley Undecided
Mason Elizondo Undecided
Madeleine Elyze Data Analyst at Minerva in Cambridge, MA
Alyssa Epstein Attending Stanford Law School
Daniel Fisher Undecided
Sarah Fleming Pursuing an MDiv in Interfaith Chaplaincy at Harvard Divinity School
Jahingir Habib Working as an Analytics Associate for the New York Mets
Beatrix Haddock Undecided
Helene Hall Working as a Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Caroline Hogan Working as an Investment Analyst at the Williams College Investment Office
Isabella Huang Pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Sumun Iyer Pursuing a Ph.D. in Math at Cornell University
Richard Jin Undecided
Arjun Kakkar Pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Math at UCLA
Molly Knoedler Awarded a Fulbright award to conduct math research in New Zealand, studying bird pollination and modelling bird navigation
Julianna Kostas Working at the NIH with a Post-Baccalaureate CRTA Fellowship
Timothy Kostolansky Undecided
Kiran Kumar Working as an Associate Computational Biologist at the Broad Institute
Ryan Kwon Working as a Software Engineer at Dropbox
Henry Lane Undecided
Edward Lauber Teaching secondary math in Connecticut for Teach for America while pursuing a Master’s in Education through the Johns Hopkins School of Education
Haley Lescinsky Undecided
Stephanie Li Working as a Research Associate in Finance at Dodge & Cox
 Andrew Litvin Analyst at BDT & Company in Chicago, IL
 Tanner Love Working for Google as a Software Engineer, Tools & Infrastructure
Ziqi Lu Possibly pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics
Calvin Ludwig Computational Bioinformatics as a Research Associate in the biomedical laboratory of Leonard Zon, MD at Harvard Medical School
Dalia Luque Phoenix Program Manager at the non-profit, Student Expedition Program
Wei Luo Undecided
Eleanor Lustig Undecided
Daniel Maes M.S. Program in Applied & Interdisciplinary Mathematics at the University of Michgan
Jake Marrus Working as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman
Eliza Matt Undecided
Jonathan Meng Undecided
James Millstone Undecided
Ian Mook Math fellow for the Penn Boarding School Teaching Residency Program at the Lawrenceville School
Matt Morris Private Equity Analyst at Landmark Partners
Anna Neufeld Pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Washington
Daishiro Nishida Working as a Programmer at an art-tech company in Tokyo
Francesca Paris Undecided
Ashay Patel Pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at Caltech
Chetan Patel Associate at Parthen0n-EY in Boston, MA
Sohum Patnaik Undecided
Seth Perlman Cybersecurity Consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC
Kurt Pfrommer Undecided
Timothy Randolph Pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Columbia University
Claudia Reyes Undecided
Andrew Robertson Undecided
 Thomas Rosal Undecided
Miguel Samayoa Operations Analyst at 20th Century Fox
Jake Savoca Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC
Andrew Scharf Undecided
Lev Schechter Undecided
Robert Schneiderman Working in sales and trading for Societe Generale in Manhattan
Alex Semedinger Ph.D. program in Mathematics at UCONN
Nohemi Sepulveda Awarded a Fulbright scholarship, will b in Spain as a Fulbright scholar teaching
Emily Sundquist Entering the Master’s Program in Epidemiology at Cambridge University in Cambridge, England
Gregory Szumel Working as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman in Boston, MA
Thomas Spencer Undecided
Karan Tibrewal Undecided
Darla Torres Undecided
Minh Tuan Tran Undecided
Austin Vo Undecided
Sean Wang Working as a Medical Scribe at the Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood, NJ
Emilia Welch Working at Guggenheim Partners in the Coroporate Credit Group in New York City
Colin Williams Economic Consulting at NERA in Washington, DC
Hallee Wong Applied math research program at UCLA called Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) this summer, then working as an Analyst at an Analysis Group in Boston
Zihan Ye Undecided
Ben Young Software Development at Epic Systems in Madison, WI
Yiheng Zhang Undecided
Fangyuan Zhao Working at NERA Economic Consulting in New York City
Weitao Zhu Pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Columbia
Michael Zao Undecided