Interested in Having a Math/Stat Junior/Senior Mentor to Help You Navigate Through Your Experience at Williams?

Interested in having a math/stat junior/senior mentor to help you navigate through your experience at Williams?

The Math/Stat Mentoring Program pairs first years and sophomores interested in mathematics and statistics with junior and senior mentors who will help them navigate through their academic experience in the department. There is evidence that suggests that having such a mentor relationship is more likely to lead to academic success. We envision that mentoring pairs will meet at least once a month to discuss whatever issues are most pressing for the mentee, for example, getting help in courses, studying for midterms, selecting courses, and more. Please note that a mentor is not a tutor.

Each mentee that applies by the initial deadline of September 26th at noon will be paired with at least one, but possibly more, mentors.  It’s possible, depending on the number of applications, that not every mentor will be paired with a mentee.

Link to Request a Mentor: