MathBlast draws 166 High School Students

This morning, 166 high school students from Mt. Greylock Regional High School, BArT, and Deerfield Academy experienced the joy of learning math at Williams College.   Started by Professor of Mathematics Olga R. Beaver, MathBlast is meant to expose high school students to exciting topics in math that are not seen in a typical high school curriculum. Participants attend three half-hour mini-lectures taught by faculty in Williams’s Department of Mathematics & Statistics.  This year’s topics included:  Fibonacci Numbers & The Golden Ratio (with Allison Pacelli), Geometry Constructions with Compass and Straightedge (with Lori Pedersen), Mathematical Card Tricks (with Mihai Stoiciu), Patterns and Algorithms (with Eyvi Palsson), Soap Bubbles and Mathematics (with Frank Morgan), and Why Knot? (with Colin Adams). Organizer Pacelli also runs a summer MathCamp for high school students.

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