New Math Faculty Profile: Dr. Eva Goedhart

Dr. Goedhart was born in the Netherlands and moved to the US when she was 7.  She was most interested in fine art (oil painting, ceramics, carving) until freshman year of college when she discovered mathematics. For her, math was a department that was welcoming and she found a community where she could thrive.

Professor Goedhart is now a Number Theorist focusing on finding integer solutions to diophantine equations. These are polynomial equations in two or more variables with integer coefficients. Professor Goedhart also dabbles in quantum cryptography.

We are very lucky to have Dr. Goedhart in our department as a visiting professor. She is looking for interested students to do research with her. Feel free to stop by her office (Bascom 104) to talk about crocheting hyperbolic surfaces and making dairy-free Dutch apple pie.  Reach out to her at [email protected].