News from Alums

News from Alums
Our alum news section is being phased out in favor of the more current news from the Alumni Office.
Aatif Abbas ’08: “I started my job at Lehman Brothers at end of July. After 6 weeks of training, I hit the desk I was joining right when the company’s stock price came under pressure and a week before Lehman declared bankruptcy. Luckily for us though, Barclays, the British Bank bought us at the last moment which saved our jobs. … What I learned in Investment Math has been proving quite useful.”
Cordelia Aitkin ’93 worked as a lighting designer off Broadway and then went to Rutgers University, where she is working on a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology funded by an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship.
Zan Armstrong ’04 taught math at the Maine Coast Semester school for high school juniors after graduation. Now, after a year of studying bioinformatics in Sweden, she is working on revenue forecasting at Google.
Catherine Bagley (now Beamer) ’99 taught at the Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA until 2003, then moved to Dexter and Southfield Schools in Brookline, MA. She now teaches at the Cate School in Carpenteria, CA.
Daniel Bahls ’04: “Having graduated from BU law school, I am now working at Legal Aid of Western Ohio, trying to do something about this foreclosure crisis. Because it has leaked that I was a math major, I am now the guy in the firm who can do math….The real benefit of a background in mathematics is the ability to rigorously construct an abstract innovative legal argument….”
Megan Barber ’96 is director of the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program of Hampshire and Franklin Counties, MA. She plays violin with the Pioneer Valley Symphony and has started flamenco dance.
Anna Bardone-Cone ’91: “As you would know, Williams’ new president got that honorable mention [on the Putnam exam] as a student at UNC at Chapel Hill, my new home (associate professor in the psychology department). We are fairly settled into the area and our work. Our children Addis and Javier love their schools, as do Matt and I. I continue my eating disorder research, with an interest in models of bulimia in ethnically diverse groups and an interest in how we define eating disorder recovery.”
Melanie Beeck ’04, after teaching in Switzerland, is pursuing a Master of Teaching in Melbourne, Australia.
Andrew Beveridge ’91 finished his Ph.D. in mathematics at Yale, taught at Carnegie Mellon, and then moved west to San Francisco, where he did software development. He teaches in the mathematics department at Macalester College in Minnesota.
Douglas Briggs ’94: IT manager at Anheuser Busch in St. Louis.
Melissa Brown ’04, completing her second year at Harvard Business School, writes: “Though there are few concepts from my Math major…that I will directly have to use again, I really benefited from learning how to break problems into smaller pieces and how to reason through them.”
Megan Bruck ’07: After two years of working as a data specialist for the Chandra X-ray Center, I began graduate studies in planetary geoscience at Brown in 2009. I’m currently working on numerical simulations of asteroid deflections.
Derek Bruneau ’94 is working at
John Bryk ’02 got an assistant professorship in the math/computer science department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, part of CUNY.
Bob Buckner ’83 is chief actuary for a reinsurance company in southern Connecticut.
John Bugbee ’93 just defended his dissertation in Medieval literature at the University of Virginia and is starting on finishing a PhD in religious studies.
John Butler ’94 is working at the Broad Institute in Cambridge.
Maggie Carr ’06: “I’m living in San Francisco working on my PhD in Systems/Computational Neuroscience at UCSF. I’m studying oscillations and the role they play in memory formation.”
John Chatlos ’07 is pursuing a PhD at UT Austin.
Laura Christensen ’97 works as a biostatistician at a company called URREA, which does research on kidney disease and organ transplants.
Colin Carroll ’07 is pursuing a PhD at Rice University.
Charlie Cochran ’88 reports: “I am actually using my math skills, performing cost analyses for DoD programs in Washington, DC in a career shift a few years ago from gallivanting around the world in international development work.”
Jana Comstock ’99: Working on a Ph.D. at Berkeley in geometry/topology.
Mark Conger ’89 recently finished his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Michigan on topics related to card shuffling. He is teaching there now. For the first time, he wrote in to the December 2008 alum magazine Williams: “Most of my life now consists of trying to turn every experience I have into a calculus problem for my students.”
Ben Connard ’02 is an analyst and assistant portfolio manager with the Laidlaw Group, which does investment advice in Katonah, NY.
Jenny Cotner ’94 worked as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCooper for four years, and is now studying at the Sloan School of Business at MIT.
Chris Cox ’92 is teaching math at Illinois Central College, where he was granted tenure. In addition to math, he writes novels, two of which have been published.
Elise Cucchi ’00 is teaching in the Boston area.

Heather Curnutt ’94
received her J.D. degree from NYU Law School in 1999. She now practices litigation in Madison, WI for the firm Lawton & Cates. In her spare time, she enjoys training for and racing triathlons, and competed in the 2003 amateur triathlon world championship in Queenstown, New Zealand and the 2004 world championships in Madeira Island, Portugal.
Diana Davis ’07: “I was sorry to miss the SMALL reunion, but I was in Alaska with my parents at the time (see picture). I plan to attend the next one. Graduate school is going well here at Brown. I am currently working on my real analysis take-home final, and all the examples and explanations that come to mind when I am thinking about the questions are the ones [Morgan] taught in [his] class and book.”

Howard DeLong ‘57: At Williams, he wrote a thesis on Skolem’s paradox under Donald Richmond. Then went on to Princeton University where he received his Ph. D. in philosophy in 1960. In the same year he started teaching at Trinity College (Hartford) in the Philosophy Department. He retired thirty-nine years later. In 1970 he published a book called A Profile of Mathematical Logic (Addison-Wesley) which stayed in print for twenty years. It came back in print in 2004 when Dover asked if they could republish it. He has just finished a manuscript called Perfecting the Pursuit of Happiness: The American Revolution in the Twenty-First Century.
Ken Dennison ’01 received an M.S. in Physics from Cornell, and is now a laboratory instructor at Bowdoin College, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
Heath Dill ’98 works in the internet industry in the Boston area.
Jesse Dill ’01 is pursuing a Ph.D. in biophysics at UC Berkeley. Using optical tweezers to study protein folding.
Michael Donofrio ’91 clerked for a judge on the Vermont Supreme Court for a year and now works as an assistant district attorney. Lives in Montpelier VT with wife Kelly McCracken ’92 and daughters Edie and Lena.
Matthew Earle ’07 “is working as a Freelance Swiss Army Knife [sic], with clients including, Moo Kids Chocolates,, and Maggie Inc. He expects, but does not hope, to hold down a regular full-time job in the near future.
Benjamin Ebert ’92 completed a D.Phil. in molecular biology at Oxford University and an M.D. at Harvard Medical School. Currently working as a hematologist/oncologist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and doing basic research using genomic approaches to study leukemia.
Jay Emerson ’92 is Associate Professor of Statistics at Yale and the Director of Graduate Studies. Jay appeared on ABC’s World News Tonight on February 24, 2006, on the effect of dropping three judges’ scores in Olympic figure skating. In summer 2009 he taught a 4-week intensive data analysis and statistical case studies course to a group of 45 Chinese undergraduates at Peking University.
Eric Engler ’04 is living in New York City working for D.E.Shaw on a fundamental trading desk.
Bill Ewen ’66, after 40 years at Hopkins School, New Haven, CT, still does some math teaching and coaching. Bill was pleased in summer 2009 to hear former Provost Neil Grabois, his former abstract algebra teacher, speak about Coach Chaffee. Bill and wife Katie are taking their first Williams College Alumni trip September, 2009—a one week cruise of the Great Lakes—guided by John Hyde ’52.
Dan Fasulo ’94 received his Ph.D. and is now a researcher for Applied BioSystems in Bethesda, MD.
Yobelin Fernandez ’02 is teaching high school math at The Dalton School in New York City.
Tom Fleming ’00 received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California-San Diego in 2006.
Joel Foisy ’91 received a PhD from Duke University and teaches in the mathematics department at the State University of New York at Potsdam, where he was awarded Professor of the Year in 2005. He runs a summer research program funded by NSF. In “Williams” December 2008, he reports: “I did a 100K bike ride through the foothills of the Adirondacks. I could have done 100 miles, but I wanted to make a political statement of support for the metric system…My wife Gretchen and I have two kids: Gaetan and Sylvain… They make me laugh…”
Peter Frechtel ’92 got an MS in statistics from NC State University in 1999. He now lives in the DC area, working as a statistician for a think tank.
Christopher French ’95 received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2001, followed by post-doc at the University of Illinois. Now he has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Grinnell College.
Artur Fridman ’93 received his PhD in applied math from Brown in 2000 followed by a post-doc at Brown.
Eric Furstenberg ’97 finished his Econ PhD at the University of Wisconsin. He taught at the College of William and Mary and is now at the University of Virginia.
Topher Goggin ’02 is at Notre Dame Law School.
Deidre Goodwin (now Carovano) ’91: MS, Math, UNC-Chapel Hill ’93. Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) ’til 2000. Now living in Tampa, FL with husband Bill and kids, Zoe (2001) and Nate (2003). Mostly mom-ing and doing some graphic design (loving both). Still looking for Purple cows in this neck of the woods.
Deborah Greilsheimer ’97 received JD from Yale Law School, completed her first triathlon, and has joined the tax practice at Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton in New York.
Kristen Grippi ’00 has been working with Goldman Sachs, and is taking a break from her role as an investment banker at GS to work with the NYSE Specialist trading unit on improving profitability and winning new business mandates.
Jason Hadnot ’99 completed a Masters degree in mathematics at Boston University.
Wil Harkey ’00: From 2002—2004, worked as a capital structure arbitrageur at Sagamore Hill Capital, which required stochastic math as well as careful thinking along the lines of dynamic systems; In May 2004, together with David Cowan ’99, he started a hedge fund focused on making concentrated long-term equity investments.
Elizabeth Camp Hanson ’88 lives in Richmond. Received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Michigan. Spent 4 years at Virginia Military Institute, 2 years at US Naval Academy, and 11 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer. She has 2 girls Abigail (8/01) and Katherine (3/03), and now teaches math at Trinity Episcopal High School.
Jerry He ’08 received highest distinction in Maths at Cambridge in 2009, earned an MPhil in Computational Biology in 2010, and entered the PhD in Management Science and Operations at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, in fall 2010. First photo includes Jerry on the left.

Cory Heilmann ’00 is working at Eli Lilly.
Martin Hildebrand ’86 got a PhD at Harvard in 1990 and is teaching at SUNY Albany.
Patty Hines ’00 received an MBA from the Fletcher School at Tufts, and is now a portfolio manager for the Export-Import Bank.
Peter Hislop ’77 is a professor at the University of Kentucky, doing mathematical physics. In Fall ’07, he gave the kick-off colloquium at Williams on the mathematics behind electron flow in solids.
Matt Hoffman ’04 got his PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Maryland in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation in 2009 and is now the Glenadore and Howard L. Pim Fellow in Global Change at Johns Hopkins, working on data assimilation and prediction in systems such as the Chesapeake Bay and Mars.
Neil Hoffman ’04 is pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of Texas. He gave a talk in Frank Morgan’s session at the 2007 San José MathFest on published papers on his undergraduate research at Williams.
Neal Holtschulte ’06 is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. A short story of his appears in the June issue of Ghostlight Magazine.
Jon Howard ‘91 got a second bachelor’s degree in nursing and is now an RN in the University of Virginia Emergency Department.
Lisa Howard ’96 is teaching math in her hometown high school in New York state after years in Morocco, Turkey, and New York City. She and husband Jason Friedman have a daughter Nina Sage Friedman, born 2/5/10.
Hugh Howards ’92: Received a Ph.D. from UCSD and then began teaching at Wake Forest University. Won the Reid-Doyle award for excellence in teaching, Wake Forest College’s highest prize. The previous year he was named by the Panhellenic Council as one of the ten most respected and influential faculty members at Wake Forest. Has married and had his first child.
Amy Huston (now Goetze) ’92: Worked for Kaiser Permanente in CA. She has two boys. Now living in Georgia.
Raphael Jeong ’06 is in a performing arts academy in South Korea, training to be an actor and entertainer.
Saumitra Jha ’99 is now an academy Scholar at Harvard. He completed his Ph.D. in economics at Stanford–As he says, “the dark side got me after all!” Prior to Stanford, he did a master degree in economics and Part III of the Mathematics trips at Cambridge.
Kris Johnson Kelsh ’90. “I got an MAT in math after Williams and taught math at New Trier HS outside of Chicago for four years before my children were born. Now the youngest has completed kindergarten and I am back teaching part time. (I thoroughly enjoyed seeing elementary math in my children’s classrooms. I had a great time creating hands-on activities for the classes to do.)”
Min Kim ’07 is working in Boston at Edison Mission as risk anlyst associate.
Hank Korth ’77 has completed 6.5 years as chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University and published the 6th edition of his texbook on “Database System Concepts” (2010).
Chris Jones ’88 isChair of the Mathematics Department at Horace Mann School in NYC.
Anne Joseph ’92 spent two years at Cambridge University on a Herchel Smith fellowship, studying history and philosophy of science with Peter Lipton and others. For the next six years, she shuttled between Yale Law School and Harvard to complete a joint JD/PhD (in Political Economy and Government). Then she moved home to DC for four years for, among other things, a clerkship with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a litigation job at the Justice Department. She is on the west coast, teaching at Boalt Hall (UC-Berkeley’s law school).
Jonathan Kallay ’00: Taught in the Boston area, having gotten married. Now living in Seattle, and proud parent of Oren Daniel Kallay, born June 14, 2007.
Eric Katerman ’02 is working on a PhD in math at the University of Texas, Austin. Eric is also learning to fly airplanes, do tarot readings, repair bicycles, and play better squash. He volunteers as a DJ a KVRX Austin and works on various Web sites.
Brian Katz ’03 joined the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in fall 2009 at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, as an Assistant Professor and as a 2009- 2010 Project NExT Fellow
Jeff Kaye ’99 finished an MS in Math/Math Education in Dec ’03 at Montclair State University. Currently teaching Math at Millburn High School in Millburn, NJ (his alma mater). In other news, he got married. He met his wife while coaching cross country and winter track for rival schools.”
Will Kiblinger ’92: After finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago and teaching at a small Lutheran college in Pennsylvania, he is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. His wife also teaches at Winthrop. They have a daughter, Madeleine.
Danny Kim ’96: “I finished law school and I’ve been practicing both commercial and tax litigation at Crowell & Moring LLP, in Washington, DC.”
John King ’72: “Ten years of teaching advanced mathematics, notably calculus AB and BC and precalculus in independent boarding schools and ten years in school administration have put my studies with professors Grabois, Spencer, and others to some practical use. (I also had a thirteen year run in the communications industry between my school involvements). Now most of my mathematics exercise is managing budgets and financials as well as fundraising strategies for Hebron Academy where I am in my fourth year as Head of School.”
Brendan Kinnell ’00 is teaching mathematics at Saint David’s School in New York City. He is also working towards an MA in mathematics education at Teacher’s College at Columbia. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Katie (Fogg ’00).
Kat Kollett ’93 is a senior web technologist.
Lisa Kuklinski-Ramirez ’90 is still working for the same company (MetLife) as an actuary — and enjoying it! Her job is fairly mathematical. She’s responsible for variable annuity product development — where they make guarantees on the stock market — so they end up doing a lot of stochastic simulation work. She and her husband Jorge have one child.
Davina Kunvipusilkul ’99 finished her doctorate in operations research at Cornell where she was on the figure-skating team. She now works for the Bank of Thailand.
Dan Lee SMALL ’99 received his PhD in geometric analysis with Rick Schoen at Stanford. He got married in June, 2004.
Gary Lapon ’05, working at the Holyoke Health Center in Holyoke, MA, helped organize two annual Holyoke HIV/AIDS Summits.
Alex Levin SMALL ’05 is pursuing a PhD in math at MIT.
Jared Levine ’94 is working at the Department of State.
Adam Levy ’88: Chair of the Mathematics Department at Bowdoin College.
Kathryn Lindsey ’07: “I’m now in my second year of the math Ph.D. program at Cornell. I am working with Prof. John Smillie studying the dynamics of flows on translation surfaces. I miss the Williams math department and realize how lucky I was to have professors who are not only excellent researchers but also dedicated teachers.” (March 2009)
Kari Lock ’04 spent two years figure skating professionally with Holiday on Ice, touring Europe, Asia, and Latin America, got her PhD in Statistics at Harvard, and published an interesting review of a book on how to make a killing at the lottery in the September 2007 College Mathematics Journal. Profiled in 2011 as a new professor at Duke.
Robert Lopez ’03 is working at state street in Boston as a custodian in the financial sector, tracking the pension fund assets of either corporations or public pension programs. Also taking a course in actuarial sciences at BU.
Jonathan Lovett ’04 is a speech writer for President Obama. Catch this news story on the White House Correspondents Dinner with a picture of him with Ashton Kutcher and others. He published an article on his Williams thesis with Professor Morgan in the September 2007 American Mathematical Monthly.
Holly Lowy Bernstein ’93 finds being a “stay-at-home” mom for her two kids Megs (10) and Bryce (6) the biggest misnomer ever, as she is never home. When not doing something for or with the kids, she is busy working on projects for the National Council of Jewish Women (St. Louis Section), chairing the Jewish Fund for Human Needs, running the Conway Elementary School Math Club, and assorted other smaller projects. New Years 2010 photo shows 1993 Math alums Jennifer and Andrew Mauer-Oats-Sargent, Kathryn Kollett, Susan Kim (holding child), Holly, and another.
Aaron Magid ’04 is pursuing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Michigan (and his website there is ). He’s still running, trying to grow bonsai trees, and studying topology and hyperbolic geometry. He caught up with Colin Adams, Thomas Kindred ’07, Neil Hoffman ’04, and Eric Schoenfeld ’03 at the Park City Math Institute in low-dimensional topology in summer ‘06.
Edvard Major ’03 is still living in New York City, and has recently joined a hedge fund, Och Ziff Capital Management, as an Equity Derivatives Junior Portfolio Manager. Previously worked at JPMorgan as a Quantitative Trader and Strategist.
Anthony Marcuccio ’08 is spending 2009 in Uruguay on a teaching assistantship. He managed to teach a roomful of sixth graders that N and Q have the same cardinality but R does not, “mostly in English, though I resorted to Spanish a bit.”
Andy Masetti ’79 is Chief Financial Officer at Sentient Medical Systems, a leading provider of intra-operative monitoring services..
Joe Masters ’94 received his math Ph.D. at Texas and has been teaching at SUNY-Buffalo. His wife, Laura Prentice ‘94 is doing a residency in pediatric neurology there and likes it, although they keep her busy.
Joe Masters ’02 is studying law at Yale Law School.
Andrew Mauer-Oats ’93 is teaching high school in Chicago – an inside view of a system that fails many many students… fewer than 6% of 8th grader graduate from college in 10 years. Living in Chicago means it takes a long time to drive anywhere, but there’re plenty of things to do with the kids, Olivia and Elliot.
Bill McClung ’67: “I received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Oregon in 1978 and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford in 1987. I’m chair of Mathematics & Computer Science at Nebraska Wesleyan University and teach Computer Science.”
Robert McGehee ’02 is working at Geode Capital, a quantitative investment firm in downtown Boston.
Peter McKelvey ’86: “We had a fantastic time at our 15th reunion in June, and one of the key highlights was seeing Professor Morgan’s talk on soap bubble clusters. My children, Emily (10) and Will (6), were especially enamored by the linkage between complex math questions and fun activities. After blowing bubbles, my son asked me afterwards, Is that what they do in math in college?
Alex Meadows ’96 received his PhD in Mathematics from Stanford. After a postdoc at Cornell, he is teaching at St. Mary’s College in Maryland
Heather Morton ‘94 is assistant professor of English at Centre College in Kentucky.
Stephen Moseley ’04 is writing his PhD thesis with Rick Durrett at Cornell. He is studying branching and other stochastic processes to model mutation rates in cancer.

Erich Muehlegger ’97
got a PhD in Economics at MIT in 2005 and is at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Kelly Murphy ’04 prices re-insurance at Guy Carpenter and recently became a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society. She is living in New York City and is getting married in fall 2009.
Dawn Nelson ’00 is in the Mathematics PhD program at Brandeis University.
Douglas Northrop ’89 is director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Michigan.
Bill O’Brien ’94 after teaching high school in Switzerland, Japan, and Australia, has returned to New England.
Jon Othmer ’02 is finishing a PhD in applied math at Caltech in June 2008. After finishing he will get married in Australia and move to New York to take a job with Morgan Stanley.
Jim Partan ’94 is an electrical engineer at Wood’s Hole.
Michael Pelsmajer ’95 is teaching in the Math Department at Illinois Institute of Technology.
Andrew (Wiz) Perry ’92 received tenure at Springfield College (Springfield, MA) and published an Abstract Algebra book.
Nick Perry ’04 has been teaching at the Horace Mann School in NYC.
David Pesikoff ’90 went to business school at Stanford. Now has started his own investment management company, Triangle Peak Partners, in Texas. Head Agent for Class ’90 which raised over $270,000 with 68% participation for 20th Reunion.
Shara Pilch ’99 is teaching at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in Massachusetts, after finishing three years in Webb, MS.
John Platt ’99 is teaching math at Portsmouth Abbey School in Portsmouth, RI.
Taryn Pritchard ’08 is joining Math for America in New York City.
Binney Putnam ’97 is teaching at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California.
Nate Putman ’04 is pursuing a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.
Virginia Pyle ’00 moved to Minneapolis in fall 2003 to pursue a Masters in English as a Second Language at the University of Minnesota.
Conor Quinn ’07 is with Teach for America in Chicago. He says “it’s awesome, totally awesome. The joy that I derive from teaching mathematics is something that I could not have predicted.”
Jennifer Quinn ’85 served as chair of the math department at Occidental College and editor of Math Horizons, the MAA magazine for students before serving as executive director of the Association of Women in Mathematics and then moving to the University of Washington-Tacoma.
Andrew Raich ’98 got his PhD in math at Wisconsin in 2005, had a postdoc at Texas A&M, and he and his wife Shauna are teaching at the University of Arkansas (fall 2008).
Nikos Raleigh ’96 attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education to pursue a Master in Education. Starting in 1997, he spent three years teaching at an innovative start-up public school in Boston. Then he made a career switch to management consulting at the Monitor Group. During his stint at Monitor, he took a yearlong leave of absence to teach and study in Seoul, Korea. Then did an MBA student at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Now in a full-time position at American Express as a Senior Manager. His wife Liz is a PhD student at UPenn studying Sociology. They welcomed daughter Paige Hae-Sol on August 5, 2008.
Nicholas Rawlings ’65 had the good fortune of landing a summer job in 1961 at Perkin-Elmer Corp, working on early lasers. One of the scientists suggested that investigate the brand new computer thing down the hall. “I worked every long weekend and break, learning more and more of computers, till I became the Manager of Systems Programming the day after I graduated. I was 20. By then, I’d rewritten a FORTRAN compiler, learned assembly language for several different computers, and begun the work of developing the world’s first commercial time-sharing system. Williams knew essentially nothing of computers at the time. I did take a FORTRAN class my senior year as a joke, with the professor trying to read a chapter ahead of the class and my being a smart-Alec who could do the final in a few minutes the day the first class was held. I stuck with computers till my retirement recently. Now, I tutor kids in trig and AP calc.”
Sara Richland ’01 is teaching math to high school juniors and seniors at her alma mater, Harvard-Westlake, a wonderful private school.
Drew Richards ’99 is working for Capital Resource Partners in Boston.
Kamille Richards ’00 has left a market research consulting company in Waltham for Harvard Law School.
Dan Robb ’93 got a PhD at UT Austin in Physics in magnetic modeling in 2002. His advisor Linda Reichl was also Bill Wootters’ advisor when he has at UT Austin. He teaches at Berry College.
Rung Roengpitya ’01 works as Senior Examiner for the Bank of Thailand.
Chris Roosenraad ’94 has returned from working in Germany and now works for Time Warner Cable in Virginia.
Steve Root ’92 got his masters in math at Michigan and works in analytic software development.
Mark Rothlisberger ’03 is pursuing a PhD at the University of Texas, Austin.
Jonathan Salter ’02 finished a DMA in clarinet performance at UNCG and is engaged to be married next summer (2010).
Curtis Schmitt ’93: His first short film, “What Remains,” finished its tour of the festival circuit (it won an award at the Las Vegas Mercury Short Film Festival!). His day job is for a small publisher in eastern Long Island, NY.
Eric Schoenfeld ’03 is teaching at Michigan State University.
Brett Schneider ’94 is a structural engineer and teaches part-time at Columbia University.
Peter Schulman ’70 teaches at the UConn Medical School in Cardiology.
Jenny Schumi ’97 studied statistics amid the cornfields of central Iowa at Iowa State in Ames. After receiving an MS, she worked for a small company in Washington, DC, doing statistical consulting relating to clinical trials and other public health research. She is now in the doctoral program at the Harvard School of Public Health in Biostatistics.
Adam Schuyler ’00 finished his PhD in mechanical engineering and now works in the Feldman Lab at the university of Michigan.
Dan Schwab ’02 is playing poker professionally (thanks to a game theory class taught by Professor Johnson) and applying to economics PhD programs. He is currently taking a course on statistics in economics at MIT to prepare.
Jason Schweinsberg ’97 has a tenure-track position in the math department at the University of California at San Diego.
Patricia (Patti) Scott ’96 is teaching people how to fly airplanes, and is currently working at a flight school in the San Francisco Bay area.

Hello Sor,
long time no see. I think that the last time we spoke was when you
came to conference in San Jose in the summer of 2007. I would have
come to talk yesterday but at that time I was flying in to SFO from
As for my studies, I am graduating with a PhD in Finance from the
Stanford Business School this summer. I have had a very productive
last year so I will be getting my PhD after 4 years instead of regular
5 (I have defended in December, and I need to polish my writeup now).
My research has mostly been in empirical corporate finance and capital
markets (i.e., it is mostly statistical and data-driven, although in
one of my papers I do have a (very) small section that uses the Ito
Sometime I run into Ya and Thomas on Stanford campus. Ya is also
planing to graduate this summer with her PhD in Statistics. I also
sometimes see Stefanie around Stanford, since her boyfriend is a
student here. She is doing a PhD at Harvard Business School (she is
specializing in econ instead of finance).
I hope that this email finds you well and I hope that the geometry
group will prove a lot of important propositions and theorems this
PS. In my PhD work, I have found the presentation skills that I got
during SMALL and during the regular math classes to be extremely
useful. I really think that the emphasis you put on the verbal
presentation was very important.

Vojislav Sesum ’06 works at MKMV on fixed income portfolio research. He got his PhD in Finance from Stanford Business School in 2010.
Lisetta Shah ’05 trained with the Mississippi Teacher Corps. She teaches 7th grade science at Greenwood Middle School, a critical-needs publish school district.
Rahul Shah ’09 is pursuing a PhD in math at UC Santa Barbara.
Todd Shayler ’06 works at Geode Capital Management, a quantitative finance company in downtown Boston.
Brian Simanek ’07 is pursing a PhD in Mathematics at CalTech.
Garrett Smith ’01 worked for 2.5 years for Bain & Company in Boston doing strategy consulting. From there he went on a 6 month transfer to Bain’s Amsterdam office and loved it so much that he asked to stay. They said “yes” so now he is trying to fit into Dutch culture! Lots of bike riding, cheese eating, and a sturdy umbrella. Garrett was first recipient of the Kozelka prize in statistics for his colloquium with Prof Jerry Reiter.
Tristan Smith ’98 received a PhD in Computer and Information Systems from the University of Oregon in 2004, and now works for On Time Systems out of Eugene, OR.
Chuck Soha ’05 works in the Federal Data Analytics practice at Deloitte & Touche in Washington DC. “Much to professor DeVeaux’s surmise I am now billed as a SAS expert! On evenings and weekends though I do privately in-home teaching of AP calculus, ACT, and SAT examinations for local high school students. A piece of trivia that I learned along the way that that should surely make its way into the 103 curriculum—what is the integral of dCabin over Cabin?” [Log cabin—ed.] John Staudenmayer ’92 got tenure at UMass Amherst in the Mathematics & Statistics Department last summer (2008). He’s a statistician and is having lotsof fun working on projects involving nonparametric regression, measurement error, spectral densities, physical activity, and accelerometers. He and Kate Queeney ’92 (who teaches chemistry at Smith College and serves as an alumni trustee at Williams) live with their two kids in Amherst, MA. John decided to pursue statistics after TAing for Dick De Veaux’s PhD advisor Persi Diaconis when Persi was at Cornell.
Ben Steinhurst ’05 finished his PhD in mathematics under Dr.Teplyaev at the University of Connecticut. And after running his third summer of an REU program focusing on analysis on fractals, he has started a two year post-doctorate position in the probability group at Cornell University.
Mark Sutton ’93, since moving to New York in 2000, has won a Telly Award for composition for TV, and currently works as Executive Producer of “Marc Sussman’s Money Message” for Air America/XM Satellite Radio. Check out his
Nathan Tefft ’00, after working as a software engineer at Harvard, is pursuing a PhD in Economics (possibly environmental or public econ.) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Emily Thall ’90 worked for a number of years in Portugal and Chile, first teaching and then working as a financial analyst. She returned to New York to work for a company that invested in railroads in South America. After many train trips through Bolivia and the like, she went to law school and now practices law in London.
Jennifer Tice ’97 lives in Seattle, working at an environmental policy and management consulting firm called Ross & Associates. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, and bicycling in the area, as well as volunteering for local non-profit organizations, seeing live theatre, and being near family.
Meg Tilton ’93is now balancing new parenthood with a job as a dining critic in Boulder, according to “Williams” December 2008.
Wesley Tjosvold ’07 is working at Bain Capital in Boston.
Jonathan Todd is teaching at Western New England College and at Holyoke Community College near Springfield, after stintsat high schools private and public.
Mike Touloumtzis writes: I’m still in Seattle, working at as a Principal Engineer; I’m currently working on the problem of automatically classifying productsbased on their titles and other attributes, combined with feedback loopsfrom customer behavior. It’s an interesting job and I’m really enjoyingit, although I frequently regret not taking Statistics at Williams–I’m still working to make up the loss!” Mike and his wife Irene are expecting a baby girl (their first) in June, 2008.
Donald Tufts ’55 received three of his four academic degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. ’57, S.M. ’58, and Sc.D. ’60, all in Electrical Engineering. Since 1967 he has been Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rhode Island.
Lisa Uebelacker ’94 is a research psychologist at Brown.
Chris Umans ’96: After receiving a PhD in computer science at Berkeley and doing a two-year postdoc at Microsoft, he is an assistant professor at Caltech in theoretical computer science.
Karen von Haam ’89 went to medical school at Ohio State University, then residency in Phoenix, Arizona. She ultimately ended up in Massachusetts on Cape Cod, where she has been working as a family physician since 1999.
Henry Walker ’69 received a PhD in mathematics from MIT in 1979, and a masters in computer science from the Univiersity of Iowa in 1979. He is a professor of computer science at Grinnell College. He has published eight books, including, most recently, the Tao of Computing. In 2009 Also, last fall, he was named a “Distinguished Educator” by the Association for Compuing Machinery (ACM).
Eric Watson ’97: After a stint at Linfield College in Oregon, he is the head soccer coach at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where he lives with his wife Paola Gentry ’98 and his children Aracely and Oliver.

Brian Wecht ’97, after a PhD in physics at UCSD and a postdoc in the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, is a postdoc in the High Energy Theoretical Physics group at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. He got married on October 20, 2007.
Leah Weintraub ’06 is teaching mathematics at St. Stephen’s & St Agnes School in Alexandria, VA, and working toward her master’s in education.
Ted Welsh ’95 finished his PhD in applied mathematics at Duke and is associate professor at Westfield State, just down the road from Williams. In May/June 2010 he led a world literature course in Greece and had a sabbatical fall 2010.
Craig Westerland ’99: After receiving his Ph. D. in algebraic topology from the University of Michigan in 2004, Craig spent 2004-2005 at the Institute for Advanced Study. He is now a Van Vleck Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
Krystal Williams ’96 is working for the John Deere company in their overseas location in Mannheim, Germany.
Martin Williams ’78 reports that he was enticed into math by his first calculus course with Professor Victor Hill, that he especially liked analysis, and that he did a senior project on affine geometry. After Williams he went to Harvard Medical School. He was named the Director of Surgery at Carney Hospital in Boston. He says that “the clear and critical thinking skills that I learned in the Math Dept. at Williams have been valuable and indispensable.”
Alexandre Wolfe ’99 finished his math PhD under Robert Lazarsfeld at the University of Michigan.
Alexander Woo ’97 finished his math PhD at UC-Berkeley, and has a postdoc at UC-Davis.
Charles Worrall ’94 is teaching at the Horace Mann School in New York City.
Matt Wyskiel ’91: “I just attended a Williams College Association of Maryland event at which Math Professor Ed Burger gave a nice talk. [In 2007], I started-up my own money management firm called Skill Capital Management, which heavily utilizes my math and spreadsheet talents by investing client assets in Vanguard index mutual funds. It’s going well, and I’m happy to be able to use some of those math skills that I learned at Williams about 20 years ago. I am also happy to be married to a Williams alum (Christy Williams Wyskiel ’94), and we enjoy living in Baltimore with our two children: daughter Jamie (age 7) and son Tolliver (age 4.5).”
Nicholas Yates ’06 completed his master’s degree in teaching in spring ’09 and teaches math and engineering at Patterson High School, Baltimore. To learn more about their engineering program check out the web page Nick created. To read his pi day emails, visit his website.
Cara Yoder ’99 is now in Houston at St. John’s School as college counselor/math teacher/swim coach. She is also tutoring, swimming on a master’s team, and regional co-president of the Williams alum association.
Takeshi Yokoo ’96 received his MD and PhD in applied math from Mount Sinai/NYU in 2005, and is currently a radiology resident at UCSD Medical Center. He is doing research in MRI physics, signal analysis, and image analysis, using my applied math background.
Robin Young ’05 is pursuing a PhD in biostatistics at Boston University.
Nick Yukich ’07: “I’m currently living in New York City and working for Morgan Stanley in their Global Macro Hedge Fund group. I use a fair amount of statistics and occasionally dabble in some advanced math that the quants use in their models.”
Leila Zelnick ’00, after teaching math and statistics at her alma mater, Broken Arrow High School, is pursuing another masters (this time in statistics) at Oklahoma State University.
Jason Zimba ’91, teaching physics at our neighbor Bennington College, living in Bennington with wife Rebecca, daughter Abigail, and new baby daughter Claire. His new book, Force and Motion: An Illustrated Guide to Newton’s Laws, has just been published by Johns Hopkins University Press.