Opportunities for Williams students

(*) The Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the Advancement in Academia of Marginalized Mathematicians (OURFA2M2) will take place virtually on December 19th, 2020.

The aim of this conference is to inform undergraduate students from marginalized groups about the process of starting a mathematics research career, and to share resources to explore during undergrad. We aim to empower students of diverse backgrounds, especially those from various underrepresented, underserved, marginalized, and minority groups, including (but not limited to) racial/ethnic minorities, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ students, women, community college students, students with disabilities, and first generation college students. Many of the resources we discuss will be specifically for those students, but anyone is welcome to attend.

We hope to encourage students to consider research careers in academia and to see themselves as future mathematicians, and to help students who struggle to access resources for career building find their way.

This conference is for:

- undergraduate students at all levels from students taking calculus to upperclassmen

- students who want to learn about research and career-building opportunities and how to become a competitive applicant

- students who want to connect with peers and potential mentors

- master's degree students (although the focus will be on undergrads, there will be valuable networking opportunities and resources for Master's degree students)

- both applied and pure math students

Graduate students, postdocs, professors, and other professional mathematicians are welcome to attend and are encouraged to join the networking lunch.

For more details, see the attached flyer and our website. Student and professional participants should register by December 11. Questions can be directed to [email protected].


Online Undergraduate Resource Fair for the

Advancement in Academia of Marginalized Mathematicians

Alvaro Carbonero, Brittany Gelb, Amaury Miniño, Vanessa Sun, Lee Trent

Email: [email protected]

Webpage: is.gd/ourfa2m2


(*)  The Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) is a study abroad program in Budapest, Hungary, designed for those interested in the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics. BSME participants explore the Hungarian pedagogy , in which a strong emphasis is placed on problem solving, mathematical creativity, and communication. BSME will run an online program for the Spring 2021 session, in which students may take 1 to 5 courses. Please find more information here:

Webpage: https://bsmeducation.com/

BSME Letter to students: BSME Letter to Students

(*) Professor Diana Davis '07 will be co-directing the [email protected] REU on computational polygonal billiards, along with Samuel Lelièvre and Paul Apisa.

Prof. Davis wrote:

We will be working on open problems in mathematical billiards, and one of our main tools will be using math software to explore the problems computationally. Please encourage your undergraduate students to apply.

The deadline to apply is February 14, the program is June 14 - August 13, 2021, and there is a $3750 stipend plus room, board and travel. We don't know yet whether it will be mainly in person or remote, but there will be a remote option for all students.



(*) Computational Research Associate opportunity at Laboratory of Chemical Immunology and Proteomics, Rockefeller University - information here:

Research Assistant Vinogradova

(*) World Wide Technology Business and Analytics Advisors (BAA) position - information here:

WWT Flyer

(*) Learn about becoming a statistics graduate student from current graduate students. Event hosted by University of Washington on November 9th at 4pm PST.

More information here: Stat_Flyer.

(*) Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Prospective Ph.D. student event. Event hosted by Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences on October 30th at 3pm EST.


More Information here: CS_AM Prospective PhD Student Event