Qing (Wendy) Wang

Qing (Wendy) Wang

office: BSC 211

Areas of Expertise

Topics in U-statistics, nonparametric kernel density estimation, risk estimation, variance estimation, cross-validation, resampling methods, and extrapolation techniques.

Scholarship/Creative Work


[1]. Qing Wang and Bruce G. Lindsay, Topics in U-statistics and risk estimation, Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meetings 2011, Section on Nonparametric Statistics, pp. 1267-1280. American Statistical Association. 2011.

[2]. Qing Wang, Investigation of topics in U-statistics and their applications in risk estimation and cross-validation, Ph.D. dissertation, Penn State University library electronic resource, pp. 1-187. 2012.

[3]. Qing Wang and Bruce G. Lindsay, Variance estimation of a general U-statistic with application to cross-validation, Statistica Sinica 24 (3): pp. 1117-1141, 2014.

[4]. Vu Le and Qing Wang, Robust thresholding for Diffusion Index forecast, Economics Letters 125: pp. 52-56, 2014.

[5]. Qing Wang and Shiwen Chen, A general class of linearly extrapolated variance estimators, Statistics & Probability Letters 98: pp. 29-38, 2015.

[6]. Qing Wang and Bruce G. Lindsay, Improving cross-validated bandwidth selection using subsampling-extrapolation techniques, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 89: 51-71, 2015. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.csda.2015.03.005

Papers under review or revision

[7]. Qing Wang and Bruce G. Lindsay, Pseudo-kernel method in assessing K-fold cross-validation, 2015.

[8]. Qing Wang, Extrapolated techniques in U-statistic variance estimation, 2015.

Ongoing Research

* Extrapolation techniques in indirect cross-validation

* Using Group Lasso and Sparse Group Lasso techniques in studying the market share in automobile industry

* Asymptotic properties for nonparametric estimator of partial ROC curve

* Improving the performance of cross-validation

Invited Talks

Topics in U-statistics and Risk Estimation

  • 2011 Joint Statistical Meeting, Section on Nonparametric Statistics (08/2011)
  • Department of Natural Sciences, University of Wisconsin (12/2011)
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College (01/2012)
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Austin Peay State University (02/2012)
  • Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University (02/2012)

Cross-validation and a U Model Selection Tool

  • The 4th IMS-China International Conference 2013 (Chengdu, China, 07/2013)

Subsampling and Extrapolation Techniques in Kernel Density Estimation

  • The Second Taihu International Statistics Forum (Suzhou, China, 07/2013)

How does the eruption time of the Old Faithful geyser vary?”

  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Colby College (10/2013)

An improved method in Bagging Cross-Validation with second-order extrapolation

  • Department of Statistics, School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China (06/2014)

“Finding the best model using a U model selection tool”

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bentley University (01/2015)

“Pseudo-kernel method in U-statistic variance estimation”

  • Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada (invited)

Honors Thesis Supervised:

  • Shiwen (Heidi) Chen ’14: “Resampling Schemes with Application to Variance Estimation”
  • Vu Le ’14: “Time-series Forecasting with Large Number of Predictors”

Senior Colloquium Topics Supervised:

  • “Deming Regression”
  • “Penalized Regression” (Ridge, Lasso, Elastic Net)
  • “Error Propagation Law”
  • “Smoothing Spline”
  • “Linear Discriminant Analysis”

Awards, Fellowships & Grants

  • University academic fellowships, Beijing Normal University, 2003-2007
  • Outstanding teaching intern, Beijing Normal University, 2006 (intern at Beijing No.4 High School)
  • Outstanding undergraduate (highest honors), Beijing Normal University, 2007
  • Harkness travel support, Penn State University, 2010–2011
  • Winner of 2011 ASA Nonparametric Session Student Paper Competition, 2011
  • Junior Researcher Travel Award, ASA Women in Statistics Committee, 2014

Recent teaching at Williams

  • Spring 2014: STAT 462 Modern Nonparametric Statistics
  • Spring 2014: STAT 201 Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Fall 2014: STAT 201 Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Fall 2014: STAT 346 Regression and Forecasting
  • Spring 2014: STAT 101 Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Winter Study 2014: STAT 014 An Introduction to the Chinese Tea Culture
  • Fall 2013: STAT 201 Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Fall 2013: STAT 346 Regression and Forecasting
  • Spring 2013: STAT 341 Bayesian Statistics
  • Fall 2012: STAT 101 Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis

Teaching experience in the past

Penn State University (instructor)

  • STAT 240 (Introduction to Biometry), Fall 2011
  • STAT 462 (Applied Regression Analysis), Summer 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

Penn State University (teaching assistant)

  • STAT 500 (Applied Statistics, graduate level), Fall 2007–Spring 2009
  • STAT 200 (Elementary Statistics),  Summer 2009

Beijing No. 4 High School, Beijing, China (teaching intern)

  • Mathematics (high school level), Fall 2006

Working experience in the past

* Part Time Assistant, 08/2005-07/2007

Scottish Development International, Beijing Representative Office, Beijing, China

* Full Time Intern, 06/2011-08/2011

Personal Insurance Research and Development Program,Travelers Insurance, Hartford, CT