Putnam 2015 Results

Williams had another strong showing in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. We had over 1.5% of campus take the exam, and our team placed in the top 50 in the nation with over 550 institutions participating. Over 4000 students took the exam nationwide and we had two students ranked in the top 500, Blake Mackall was ranked 235.5 and Ziqi Lu was ranked 452.5. Further in the top 1000 we also had David Burt, Granger Carty, Elijah Fromm, Greg Kehne and Zhiqi Li.

There are 12 problems on the Putnam; students have 6 hours, 3 in the morning, followed by a two hour break for lunch and to recharge, and then another 6 problems over 3 hours in the afternoon. Each is worth 10 points. Check out the problems and solutions from the 2015 compeition. The median score was a 0.

If you are interested in math puzzles and competitions e-mail Professor Palsson and come join us at the weekly math puzzle dinners on Wednesdays in Mission at 5:30 PM.