Williams Team in Top Ten on Putnam Exam

The Williams team has placed in the top ten and received an Honorable Mention out of 460 teams from 572 participating colleges and universities in the December 2011 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. Congratulations to our team members Carlos Dominguez, Jared Hallett, and Liyang Zhang and to coach Professor Stoiciu. Congratulations also to our other Williams participants: Ben Athiwaratkun, Laura Ball, Weng-Him Cheung, Benjamin DeMeo, Michael Flynn, Donny Huang, Pamela Mishkin, Roshan Sharma, Philip Tosteson, and James Wilcox. Li is listed in the top 197, Carlos, Jared, and Ben in the top 459.5. The highest ranking teams in order are Harvard, CMU, CalTech, Stanford, MIT; the Honorable Mention teams in alphabetical order are: Harvey Mudd, U British Columbia, U Michigan, Virginia, and Williams. Account in Williams Record.

Check out the problems and solutions. Photos below from the exam and from the celebration at the monthly math dinner in Mission Monday April 2, with cake and prizes. Coach Stoiciu also recognized Coach Miller and previous team member Nick Arnosti who said a couple of years ago that our goal should be to make the top 10. We also recalled that President Falk won honorable mention on the 1985 Putnam Exam, the same year that Martin Hildebrand ’86 scored in the (unranked) top five. (See Amer. Math. Monthly 93 (1986), 620-626.)

The next competition is the Regional Undergraduate Mathematics competition at Central Connecticut State University Saturday, April 28, 2012, 9:30am-3pm. Last year Williams had the winning team and the top three individuals: Nick Arnosti, David Thompson, and Liyang Zhang.

About Frank Morgan:

Frank Morgan works in minimal surfaces and has published 200 articles and six books. He is currently Atwell Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Williams College.