SMALL at Mathfest 2018

Students from four groups at Williams’ 2018 SMALL REU (commutative algebra, knot theory, random matrix theory, and tropical geometry) attended MAA’s Mathfest Conference in Denver, Colorado from August 1 to August 4 to present on their research.  Congratulations to the six students who received an MAA Outstanding Student Paper Session Presentation Award!

Those students and their talks were:

  • Ivan Aidun:  Divisorial and Geometric Gonality
  • Mira Gordin:  Non-Hermitian Anderson Operators and their Spectral Properties
  • Or Eisenberg and Yi Wang:  Hyperbolic virtual knots
  • Anya Michaelsen:  Noetherian Rings with Unusual Prime Ideal Structures
  • Julie Yuan:  Graphs of Gonality Three

You can see all the talk abstracts and awards here.  Check out more Mathfest photos below: