Spatial Graphs School at Williams College June 20-21

On June 20-21, there will be a Spatial Graphs School at Williams, including talks by five visiting mathematicians, and by SMALL participants. All talks will occur in 101 Stetson Court. Everyone is welcome. Schedule appears here:

Wed., June 20

9:00-9:30     “State matrix recursion method to enumerate various lattice models”, Seungsang Oh

9:40- 10:20   “Arc index and stick number of spatial graphs”, Sungjong No

10:30- 11:00 “Intrinsic properties of spatial graphs”, Hyoungjun Kim

11:10-11:40   “Effectivity of cut component decomposition for lattice stick number of spatial

graphs”, Hyungkee Yoo

Lunch break

1:00- 1:40   “Knots, Hyperbolic Knots, Virtual Knots, and Hyperbolic Virtual Knots”, Colin Adams

1:40-2:00     Tea

2:00- 2:30  “Hyperbolic virtual knots I”, Jonah Greenberg, Zhen Liang, Kate O’Conner

Thurs., June 21

9:00- 9:30   “Bijection between domino tilings and Delannoy paths on various Aztec diamonds”,

Seungsang Oh

9:40-10:20 “Bisected vertex leveling and its applications”, Sungjong No

10:30-11:00 “Superhelical structure for (n,2)-torus knots”, Hyoungjun Kim

11:10-11:40 “Growth rate of quantum knot mosaics”, Youngin Kim

Lunch break

1:00-1:30     “Hyperbolic virtual knots II”, Or Eisenberg, Kabir Kapoor, Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj,

Yi Wang