2013:03: Spring Conundrum

Lighthouse Maneuver and Vampire Mystery at Mystic Seaport


A. Captain Jim (156lb), Sailor Taylor (84lb) and Little Bianca (72lb) are incarcerated by a haunted witch to the top room of a lighthouse at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT. A general pulley is safely fixed to the top of the lighthouse. Over the pulley there is one rope with a basket on each end. One of the baskets has a 60lb stone in it, the other one is empty. The baskets are capable to hold 2 people or 1 person and the stone. For safety reasons there cannot be more than a 12lb difference between the weights of the baskets if someone’s inside. Help Jim, Taylor and Bianca escaping the lighthouse using the pulley and the basket with given instructions.

B. When Jim, Taylor and Bianca successfully escaped from the lighthouse, the mystical sky of Mystic Seaport turns red, wind disturbs the bay and suddenly the haunted witch of mystic seaport screams: “ HAHAHAHA… Jim, Taylor, Bianca, now as you are free I let you know that among the three of you one is a vampire, one is a werewolf and one is human. If you find out who the vampire, werewolf and human is, then I’ll let you go alive. Otherwise…don’t ask… May the odds be on your favor.” Jim, Taylor and Bianca immediately start working on the mystery. Jim says that Bianca is human. Taylor says that Jim is a werewolf. Bianca says: “I am the werewolf.” Keep in mind, according to a unique ancient curse at Mystic seaport, vampires can only tell the truth, werewolves can only lie and humans can either tell the truth or lie. Solve the mystery and save Jim, Taylor and Bianca by correctly listing who the vampire, werewolf and human is.

If you have a solution, send it to Gabor Gurbacs.