The 2010 Green Chicken Exam

This Saturday was the annual Green Chicken math contest between Middlebury and Williams. Over 30 students spent several hours doing (and then discussing) math problems in order to determine which school shall have the honor of being the home to a green porcelin chicken. Our team (with top scorers Carlos Dominguez, Wei Sun, David Thompson and Liyang Zhang) successfully defended Greenie; this means she’ll be here for another year, bringing cookies to colloquia. Click here for this year’s exam (and solutions), and click here for pictures.

For those interested in problem solving, we have a weekly dinner (Tuesdays from 5.30 to 6.30pm in Dennett Private Dining Room in Mission), and also meet a few times a week as part of an independent studies course. The relevant webpages are the Green Chicken Homepage and the Problem Solving Homepage.