Williams SMALL Students Win MathFest Talk Awards

Jane Wang (Princeton), Francisc Bozgan (UCLA), and Daniel Irvine (Notre Dame, pictured here with his advisor Colin Adams) of the Williams College SMALL Undergraduate Research Project won outstanding talk awards at the summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (“MathFest“) August 2, 2013.

Also, a SMALL team, consisting of Daniel Irvine (Notre Dame), Sander Mack-Crane (Case), Paul Gallagher (Penn), and Daniel Vitek (Duke), won the Math Jeopardy Competition, solving problems like ∫x3√(x2+9) dx.

David Hu (Georgetown) won the SET competition.

Many SMALL students gave talks:

Mathematical Modeling Contest winners:

Finally, some scenes from the last week of SMALL, starting with a grateful presentation to Director Loepp from the students at the closing banquet: