Williams/SMALL gathering in San Diego in January

There will be a Williams/SMALL gathering at the joint math meetings in San Diego, Friday, January 11, 2013, 5 pm, West Terrace of the Upper Level of the Convention Center, followed by Prof. Adams’s Mathematically Bent Theater at 6 pm. All welcome. Program. We will be celebrating SMALL’s 25th anniversary. It is rumored that a SMALL alum will receive the Morgan prize for undergraduate research at the prize session 4:25 pm Thursday. A list of some Williams/SMALL speakers is appended below.

Williams/SMALL speakers include:

Wednesday January 9
8 am Rachel Insoft
8:15 Shiyu Li
8:15 Ben DeMeo
8:30 Ginny Hogan
8:30 Evangelie Zachos
8:45 Irving Dai
8:45 Kevin Vissuet
2:15 Nicholas Triantafillou
3:00 Levent Alpoge
3:30 Steven Miller
3:45 Dominic Spadacene
5:00 Margaret Nichols and Alex Youcis

Thursday January 10
8:00 Steven Miller
9:45 Steven Waruhiu
1:00 Diana Davis
3:30 Tom Garrity
4:25 Prize session.

Friday January 11
10:45 Sean Howe
Noon Diana Davis leads Flash Mob
2:00 Sam Payne
2:15 Brian Chung
4-5:30 Undergraduate Poster Session, including for example Jesse Freeman and Sam Petti.
5-6 Williams/SMALL gathering
6-7 Colin Adams’s Mathematically Bent Theater

Saturday January 12
9:00 Frank Morgan
9:45 Zane Martin
10:45 Daoji Huang
4:00 Victor Luo and Amanda Bower

About Frank Morgan:

Frank Morgan works in minimal surfaces and has published 200 articles and six books. He is currently Atwell Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Williams College.