Winter Study Colloquium Fest

The Math/Stat department will host a Winter Study Colloquium Fest on January 27, 2014. Ten math seniors will give talks during the day.There will be three parallel sessions in the morning and two parallel sessions in the afternoon. Majors attending the talks can get colloquium credits. In addition, pizzas will be provided in the library area for lunch. All are welcome!

A full schedule for the event can be found below.


BSC 104 Adam Reich: “15-Puzzle”

BSC 105 Courtney McLaughlin: “Newton’s Method”

BSC 106 Ernest Higginbotham: “The ABC Conjecture and Polynomial Analogues”

11:05-11:15am Short Break


BSC 104 Sam Austin: “Random Walks on Lattices”

BSC 105 Chris Chandler: “Do Me a Platonic Solid”

BSC 106 Marnie Lanphier: “Buffon’s Ball Theorem”

11:50-1:00pm Lunch Break

Pizza will be provided in the library area. All are welcome!


BSC 105 Catherine Gerkis: “Penalized Regression: Ridge and LASSO Regressions”

BSC 106 Amy Berg: ” Hartog’s Extension Theorem”

1:35-1:45pm Short Break


BSC 105 Ally Ensor: “Deming Regression”

BSC 106 Cotton Engleby: “The Mathematician’s Cup of Coffee: The Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem”