Young Mathematicians Conference: August 2013

ymc_posterIn August, 2013, 12 students from the SMALL program (4 from Williams) traveled to the tenth annual Young Mathematicians Conference at The Ohio State University. There were 39 talks and 13 posters overall, with our students giving 9 talks and 3 posters. Five students working in Professor Miller’s Number Theory and Probability group won prizes for their research and presentations. Minh-Tam Trinh (Princeton) won honorable mention for his talk “Towards a Ratios Conjecture for Automorphic L-Functions”, David Moon (Williams) and Archit Kulkarni (Carnegie Mellon) won honorable mention for their talk “More Sums Than Differences Sets in d Dimensions”, and Taylor Corcoran (Arizona) and Jaclyn Porfilio (Williams) won first place honors for their talk “Benford Behavior of Dependent Random Variables”.