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All math and stat majors are invited to attend the famous banquet, taking place May 7 at 5:30pm at the Williams Faculty Club. Give Marissa $1 to confirm your reservation; best deal in town.


  • Best Jobs 2015


    Mathematics and statistics are essential skills for most of the best six jobs in 2015, according to the latest rankings...

  • The James Function


    Like many mathematicians, I’m happy when I can combine my work with my other passions. As a lifelong Red Sox...

  • Cartography of Tree Space


    Over six years ago, I wrote a post on ways in which mathematics (at  a research level) and art (at a...

  • Williams PBK: 150th Anniversary


    Join us Wednesday, March 18th for a day of activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Williams Chapter of Phi...

  • Lego Superstar Record!


    In Math 12, The Mathematics of Lego Bricks, while we used lego bricks as a springboard to talk about a...

  • Putnam 2014

    Cake created by Maija Lindaas

    For the second year in a row, over 2% of the Williams campus chose to spend a significant part of...