Colloquium Fest

The Math/Stat department will host a Winter Study Colloquium Fest on Tuesday January 27, 2015 from 10:30 am - 2:30 pm. Fourteen math seniors will give talks during the day. There will be three parallel sessions in the morning and four parallel sessions in the afternoon. Majors attending the talks will receive colloquium attendance credit for each talk attended. In addition, pizzas will be provided in the library area for lunch. All are welcome! A full schedule for the event can be found below. 10:30-11:05am: BSC 104 Michael Berry, BSC 105 Greg Becker, BSC 106 Joe Kinney, 11:05-11:15am Short Break, 11:15-11:50am: BSC 104 Alexander Nanda, BSC 105 Brandon Ling, BSC 106 Stephanie Neul, 11:50-1:00pm Pizza in Math Library, 1:00-1:35pm: BSC 103 Paul Adeleke, BSC 104 Claire Lidston, BSC 105 Aldis Inde, BSC 104 Nate McCue, 1:35-1:45pm Short Break, 1:45-2:20pm: BSC 103 Phonkrit Tanavisarut, BSC 104 Etienne Aduya, BSC 105 Andrew Best, BSC 106 Jean-Luc Etienne,

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Nebraska Conf for Und Women Math Jan 23-25, 2015

Give a talk, all expenses paid. Registration starts Oct 1.