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  • Jun 6 10am Sigma Xi Induction
    Sigma Xi InductionMembers of the Williams College Class of 2015 who demonstrated intellectual initiative and completed extensive research for a senior thesis in science, math, or psychology...
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Centennial MathFest Aug 5-8 DC

Many faculty and students from Williams participating.

Young Mathematicians Conf Aug 21-23

Ohio State University. Student speaker and mentor applications due July 20. Invited speakers include SMALL alum David Futer.

Math Conf for Und Women Oct 24-25

Northwestern University


All math and stat seniors, along with their friends and family, are invited to attend the famous Graduation Breakfast on June 7, from 8am - 9am in the Math/Stat Library.


  • Crash Takes Nash Four Days after Abel Prize


    On the way home from receiving the million-dollar Abel Prize from King Harald of Norway, John Nash, along with his...

  • Math/Stat Awards Banquet


    It was another glorious year in the Math/Stat department at Williams.  We celebrated its end with our annual banquet, packed...

  • Reimagining the Course Catalog

    Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.42.03 AM


    At the start of the year, I was made chair of a committee to reimagine the Williams Course Catalog...

  • Best Jobs 2015


    Mathematics and statistics are essential skills for most of the best six jobs in 2015, according to the latest rankings...

  • The James Function


    Like many mathematicians, I’m happy when I can combine my work with my other passions. As a lifelong Red Sox...

  • Cartography of Tree Space


    Over six years ago, I wrote a post on ways in which mathematics (at  a research level) and art (at a...